Another thing I promised my friends I would write. A conversation between Squeakers, Snitchers and I. I am the one called, Naggers. My very good friend Salima Master of Darkness is Squeakers and my other friend, Angeni, is called Snitchers.

Salima got her name from her sneakers squeaking every time she walked down the hallways in school so I started calling her squeakers then she started calling me Naggers (probably of my nagging her all the time, What? I can't help it!!).

Citali Angeni got her's because she likes to take things that belong to other people. We had to think up one for her.

The True Meaning of Friendship

Starring Naggers, Squeakers, and Snatchers all in their very first role.

Squeakers: So what is this supposed to be about anyways? (turns to Snitchers questioningly)

Snatchers: Why are you asking me? It was Naggers's idea, not mine. (All turn to Naggers)

Naggers: What?! You guys all agreed to letting me do this. So I'm doing it my way.

Squeakers: Ya well we didn't know your way would be this stupid. Are you having a blond day again? (flicks Naggers in the forehead with fingers AN: She does do that. She's an abusive friend!)

Snatchers: Squeakers, be nice and Naggers, you tell us this instant why we are like this.

Squeakers: Go Snitchers, you tell her!!

Snatchers: Squeakers, I'm not done with you yet.

Naggers: I think I'm being ignored. Hmmmmmmmm? No I'm not having a blond day, Squeakers, and my way is not stupid. : P I don't have to tell you.

Snatchers: If you don't tell me I'll bite you!! (grinning evilly)

Naggers: You just try!

Squeakers: Now now, we're all friends here, aren't we? Now let's act like civilized people.

Naggers's right eyebrow starts to twitch.

Naggers: And this is coming from a girl who probably acts more blonder then me!

Squeakers: I take offense by that.

Snatchers: Naggers you got nothing to say about being Blond and neither do you Squeakers.

Naggers and Squeakers turn away and start a primitive comversation consisting of only two words.

Squeakers: Nag

Naggers: Squeak

Squeakers: Nag

Naggers: Squeak

Snatchers: You goofballs. (thinking, how in the world did I wind up being friends with these two?)

Squeakers: Well if we are what does that make you?

Snatchers: I am the keeper of goofballs!!!!Bow before me!! (stands on mountain top of clothes)

Naggers: (turns to Squeakers) Think she'll ever come down?

Squeakers: Probably not. Wonder if we can leave before anyone realizes she's with us.

Snatchers: (overhears Squeakers say that) I'm going to hurt you.

Squeakers: Uh oh. She heard me?

Naggers: Apparently, yes. Squeakers you better run.

Snatchers: You better be scared.

Squeakers: Hey, hold it! (holds up 12th volume of Naruto) Or I'll tear this to shreds!

Naggers: Nooooooo, you can't! I haven't even read it yet! I beg of you! (gets down on knees) whispers: Snitchers get it before she tears it.

Snatchers: Naggers get up, you're humiliating us in front of all these people and Squeakers why would you tear it to shreds when your the one who owns it?

Squeakers: Good point.

Naggers: So your not going to tear it?(asks hopefully)

Snatchers: Of course she's not. She's not as simpleminded as she wants us to believe.

Squeakers: Hey!!

Naggers: Well you act like it! You stink for winning the review!

Squeakers: Don't blame me. You're the one who put the 1970s instead of the 1960s.

Snatchers: What in the world are you guys talking about?

Naggers: You'll see. You shall feel the the pain. Mwah ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Squeakers: You take the evil laugh wayyyyy too far.

Naggers: Feel my wrath.

Snatchers: We better run. Bye-bye.