A/N: This is inspired by a brother and sister whom I met at an orphanage while visiting in the Ukraine. The little girl thought hat I was her mother, and I only got to visit her twice. I would adopt her today if I could, but she and her brother aren't up for adoption. I pray for her daily and love them so much that my heart aches. This poem is for them.

If I Never Knew You...

Is my heart really the worst kind of weapon?

Rather, it is the worst kind of emotion,

When I feel the tear of the seperation from you.

I can still hear you cries, still feel your grasp on my shirt,

Yet I let you go and walked away-

Crying because of the fresh abandonment I'd just brought you.

Is it better that we met?

Or would I have not caused your tears?

But you see, if I never knew you -

I wouldn't have a little girl who thinks I'm her mom.

I wouldn't have this heartbreak,

I wouldn't cry if I thought about you too much,

I wouldn't miss you so,

I wouldn't have you and your brother in my memory.

If I never knew you,

I would never have a clue

As to what

LOVE is.


Copyright®Nov2006 CostumeForAGutterball