Just by looking at Lauren McCoy, you wouldn't be able to distinguish her from any other British teenager. Her long white blonde hair flew down her back much like a waterfall, and this may distract you from the fact that her ice blue eyes never stopped darting around her, constantly observing. She may have been just like you, but you'd only think that for a few weeks after meeting her. Then, you knew much better. After that time, you noticed the gray tints in her face, reminiscent of horrors past. You realized that the files on her sleek laptop would not be found on an average teenager's. You would never, however, realize why she was so different. Not too many people openly revealed that they were agents with MI6.

Lauren had been twelve when those horrors that you could read on her face had occured. That meant that she was just old enough to understand, yet too young to believe. She had been with her parents for all those years; it was just too difficult to let go of them. Not that she had a choice in the matter.
It had been a night like any other. The nanny had yet again left earlier than she was supposed to, leaving preteen Lauren home alone in a bad part of London. She'd sat by the window, gazing out the open shutters but not truly seeing the outside. Then she'd looked down when the sound of her parent's car resonated down the alley. Then a new sound sent echoes all over. A gunshot. Then one more. Lauren didn't remember what she did after that, but the best guess was that she just….stopped. She was still sitting there when the police came in.
She was not alone for long. Andreah Gardener was on the scene within minutes. She had known Lauren's parents since they both started working for the service. She was the only one who knew that they wanted Lauren to go to the same place they did. So, the last time the old Lauren McCoy was seen was when she walked away hand in hand with one very formidable woman.