Write your number on a napkin
Give me a wink to tell me lacking words
Hint at a closer range to your lips
I prefer my lies to reach my ears in whispers
Grace my presence with a warm glancing hand
A breath breathes more truth than I can hope to
Nothing leaves me more bitter than this cold

Home is a place where you hang your hat
When did you move in?
Where have you been all of my adolesence?
Nothing could let me let you leave

Conversations held sacredly in the eyes
Between blinks we hide our true face
As long as your comfortable
Why don't we lie our way through the climax
Pretending is easier in company
Rehashing the old times in role-play
Give me a face I can call "Love"

Hold me by my neck as I stare down the red
Boils and rolls up the neck toward my face
Could you see me would you love me better now?
Teeth clenched under grinning eyes running tears
I'm at the mouth looking a mile down
Your long pretty nails hooking under my skin
Trying to find my truest of faces in the volcano

My only will and testament fell on the bathroom floor
In the early dawn when my decision was sealed as fate
You found me wandering toward the hill on which we met
I was leaning into the heat of the heart of the world
Rushing toward my falling body, your fingers curled
Saving me from the rush of existence
Where have you been all of my adolesence?