Did the boy go out looking for some good times?

Walking the streets in his quest for pleasure

Dark alleys lined with nothing in a neon light

What was it he wanted again?

A quick escape from his own world

A quick snap at something he couldn't have

And what did he find?

He found in his heart something unknown

He found ecstasy


He saw in his heart, betrayed lust

Going up, around to everyone he could see

That neon light boring into his brain

And what was it that he wanted?

To see and feel in a world where nobody feels

And where nobody cares at all

Well what did he see?

He saw things that made him yearn

He saw ecstasy


There is nothing that cannot truly be felt

He wanted to feel enough

Enough to feel alive under the neon glow

He didn't feel enough though

There could be never be enough to feel

Too many pleasures to have

Well what did he have?

He doesn't know any more

He only felt ecstasy


Good Times

And he said "Oh give me some good times

Give me some skin

Oh give me a good time

Give me just a bit

Give me some good times

Give me your clit"


And she was not a girl from any side

She was met in no place

No spark or contact

Just looking for some dirt

Satisfaction in its own name

Nothing special for either cause

And she received

Oh God did she receive


Did she feel pain?

Did he hit her again?

As he fucked her all over

There was never any cover

Bare-naked skin

Stripped and bleeding

Lying and weeping


And she said "Give me good times

But don't treat me bad

Don't take me for your own ecstasy

I think I'm better than that"

Well she thought but she didn't know

She cried but he didn't show

He had his good times

What about her?

He never bothered to know

What about her?


And there must be something left now

How can we tell though?

As they look to their side

And see what they have done

Or who they have done

So much ecstasy and so much pleasure

Where could it lead?

Oh baby where could it lead?

An hour is nothing compared to a lifetime

But still it's all we crave

Finding, seeing, feeling

What difference does it make?

Oh baby, what difference does it make?

When all love has been lost

Lost in that same neon glow

That just comes into our minds

And we search


We search for ecstasy