Love Letter of the Forsaken Artist

Dear Passions,
I write you now to implore you to come back here with my soul. I know that I gave my soul to you willingly, and my heart along with that, but I never thought you would keep them for yourself. I thought after hours of work, devoting time and energy, after all the headaches and heartaches and backaches, after all the tears and sweat and self-implosion, you would return my heart to me dipped in gold. So, I write now to apologize for taking up so much of your time with so much of my passion. I thought you were someone else. But you still have something that belongs to me, so if you could kindly return my heart and soul to the chasms you left in your absence, it would be much appreciated. You know where to find me.

Yours in Correspondence,

"When I think of the time gone by
And I think of the way I tried
I could honestly…die.
Sue me, sue me
What can you do me?
Shoot bullets through me
I love you."
-From the musical "Guys and Dolls"