An Analytical Argument

The subtle nuances of a subtler style and purpose lie just beneath the surface (subtly); what is genius but a hidden meaning no one else can see. "what." is. (genius.)

(There is no hidden meaning in this text. It says only what it means, nothing else. Don't you dare analyze it.)

But shall we explore, in our long hours of intellectual recluse, "what." IS. (ge nius)?...

(What are you looking at? There's nothing to see here, no deeper meaning. It's pure nonsense, I promise. But what about that punctuation, that beautifully expressive formatting; it must veil something deep and profound.)

Ge(moron)nius, Id(do comprehend what lies between the lines)iot. In(everything there is a deeper meaning)sanity. C(beneath the surface)oherence. No yes no y(no)es.

(I swear to you, my friend, there is nothing to analyze here. However, if you are truly brilliant, you will find something here, deep, profound, (beneath the surface,) But only if you are truly brilliant…)

Really, it's all right, though. Even geniuses have their bad days.

Though, clearly, you're no genius.