A/N:- This is just the starting point for the story I'm working on. Not sure if I like it so I'm not sure how far I'll get into it and how much I'll upload. I also need a better title... Reality Within Insanity is just temporary, so if you can think of one please let me know.

Reality Within Insanity


It is ten years ago to the day that they found her body and not an ounce of life left in it. They never did understand how it happened; there was no explanation that could fit inside their idea of reality. My opinion? "Reality" doesn't even come into it; maybe because reality doesn't exist, but there is absolutely no way it can explain what happened to her. Let me back up a bit and explain, you see, ten years ago, my best friend was discovered dead in her new house. She was found so with two large holes through her wrist and a toy gun in her hand. There was the smallest trace of blood on the carpet, but nothing more. There is nothing to explain what made such holes, or what prevented such a blood flow as you would imagine when two holes are torn through an entire limb, no one can understand the toy gun she held in her hand, and failing this, what stopped her heartbeat and made her die? It's never been noted as a murder or suicide, or anything in between. I have heard some people who don't know the whole story condemn her as suicidal, though I know for certain she would not have done this. She was happy, I know this, and though she may have contemplated it in her past, she would have never done it then. I am sure of this because we were so close, sometimes I think I loved her, but I never quite understand what love is anymore. All I know is since that day, I have changed, and it has broadened my view on life completely and unsurprisingly. As for the holes in her wrists, I believe them to be symbolic of the holes that occur in what people claim to be reality.

--25th November 2006, Even Gods Dream