"Melanie" said Kariah softly "I'm sorry we ever fought"

"Fought" Said Melanie laughing "We nearly killed each other with our words"

"Your Right" agreed Kariah just happy that they were speaking again. Kariah had missed waiting on Melanie hand and foot. Pretty ironic since there whole fight was about how Kariah felt like she was being used.

"Homework" Said Melanie after a few minutes as if she were a teacher. Sloppily Kariah took it out of her book bag. "It is a little wrinkled but, not much"

Kariah was half surprised when Melanie just walked down the hall without so much as thanks. Regret filled Kariah's head "Why do I say sorry to her and then wish I could take it back a few minutes later?" Kariah knew the only reason she still hung out with Melanie was because Melanie was her first friend at Blake Wood Middle. But, that was three long years ago. If Kariah had focused more on making more friends then she wouldn't have to deal with Melanie.

Brring Brring!! The late bell rang and Kariah felt like she was experiencing déjà vu. Last school year although they were in a different school Melanie stormed off without saying good bye or anything and she always had her timing and location perfect so that Kariah had to walk through half the building to get to her next class. She always let it slip thinking that it just happened to be that way and Melanie didn't plan it like that. Besides honestly Kariah thought Melanie wasn't smart enough to add up all the math.

Regardless of whether or not Melanie did it on purpose Kariah didn't care. Having a friend who dissed you was better than no friends at all.

"Your late again, Would you mind explaining to the class what you have to do that is so important and makes you miss the first seven minutes of my class?" Asked Ms. Taylor

"Umm…My locker got jammed and I was late because I missed the bus" Answered Kariah

"You miss your bus a lot. Are you sure you're mature enough to catch the bus in the morning?" Kariah didn't answer hoping the question was a rhetorical one and started scribbling down the warm-up off of the girl's paper next to her. Natasha, the girl next to her had made it clear to Kariah last year that she thought Melanie was treating her like dirt and until she ditched her not to talk to her. At first Kariah had been embarrassed but when she told Melanie they just laughed it off together and Melanie labeled Natasha as a "hater". A couple times though when Melanie and Kariah were in fights Kariah slipped in a word or two with Natasha.

Class went by smoothly. Classes tended to be Kariah's comfort zone except for when there were tests or quizzes. Kariah wasn't sure if she felt more at ease during classes because Melanie wasn't in any of her classes. The pale lavender bracelet on her wrist reminded her though that her and Melanie were supposed to be best friends.

Sometimes Kariah had the urge to just cut it up and forget about the whole friendship. Melanie's bracelet was like a silent promise though that invisibly forced Kariah to not destroy hers. There were times in the middle of a fight when scissors were inches away from her bracelet and ready to cut.

"Natasha" whispered Kariah hoping she would get an answer


"Ummm…I've tried to stop being her friend and it just doesn't work that way" Said Kariah referring to Melanie

"You have to stand up to her don't let her push you around like a dirty rag. I looked up friend in the dictionary and she doesn't fit the description." Said Natasha

Kariah didn't say anything instead she looked down at the ground and blushed a bit. Once again she was feeling déjà vu. Her last conversation with Natasha had given her the same embarresed and ashamed feeling. She knew she shouldn't be ashamed of a friendship.

"You know you are two people. One of you wants to be Melanie's friend the other one just wants to get free. Which one is bigger?" Asked Natasha

"I don't know" answered Kariah

"You're the only one who knows the answer" Natasha said standing up to leaving Kariah just sitting there dumbfounded and pondering over whether or not Natasha was right. She knew Natasha was right about her being two people but she wasn't sure if Natasha was right about her knowing the answer.

After a few minutes Kariah decided that the one that wanted to be free was the bigger one. But would the one that wanted to be Melanie's friend take over the next time her and Melanie talked?

Slowly like "fast-acting medicine" Kariah realized Natasha respected her but didn't like that she didn't show herself self-respect...

"Owww!" Kariah yelled as she kicked the vending the machine. More because she just wanted to scream rather then because her foot hurt.

One of her vocabulary words had been push over and somebody in her class said "Kariah" when the teacher asked the definition of push over.

The moment the soda can came out Kariah's cheeks were covered in warm tears. She had just wasted over $2.00 on Melanie.

Her earlier conversation with Natasha still clogged up her mind as she handed Melanie her drink. She barely noticed that all she got from Melanie was a smile. Not even a genuine smile. Once she had heard Natasha telling someone a quote "You know they don't care when they don't ask why you're crying". Melanie never asked her why she was crying and this time was no acceptation.

Please let me know whether or not I should continue...

Author's Note: I added a little bit more to the story AND put all of the story into one chapter.