Tossing, turning in my dreams

These images, revenge and hate

All this madness we've endured

Has left my mind in this troubled state

I often find myself alone

Sitting silently in my room

And these horrible things I've thought and done

Will lead me to my doom

Wishing, praying for a sign

That this pain will fade away

Clawing, crying for an answer

Before again I'm led astray

But now my universe is expanding

And finally I can see

That the answers to this self-destruction

Can only come from me

That screaming that I wish you'd come

Will only drop more weight

On these tattered and cut up shoulders of mine

And feed the flame that is my hate

So I'm leaving behind this life I've made

To find the strength I've thought I lack



And sure my heart's still hurting

But maybe that's for the best

Because I WILL pull through, I know I can

Be stronger than the rest

Stupidity, absurdity, frustration

I'll have no more of that

And lock up the memories, hopes, gifts

And forget all those places we once sat

Because I'm smarter than this, and better too

And I've had more than enough

Because it doesnt matter, not anymore

Deep in my drawer I buried all that stuff

But don't regret now, and don't think twice

My door is locked, the light's not on

Don't ever come knocking at my door again

Because I'm already gone