I get sad when you leave my sight,

The screen flashes and you're gone

But thoughts in my mind, in my mind

Are always lingering on.

The night fades into day,

As the hands of the clock wind down

And if you're the ocean, the ocean

I'll willingly let myself drown,

I get quiet when you're not around,

The memories continue to play

I feel you here next to me, next to me

Though you're still far away.

The minutes turn to hours,

As the waves crash to the shore

I know you'll save me, save me

Just like you've always done before.

I get overwhelmed when I'm near you,

My heart pounds, and it's hard to believe

Now you're a part of me, a part of me

And I'm afraid to let you leave.

The rain pounds on these hollow rooftops,

Rusting dreams and soaking romance

Take me away with you, away with you

And teach me how to dance.

I get lost when you can't guide me,

A slight stumble and I might fall

You've captured me, captured me

And I'm letting you take it all.