Eyes drawn down, looking at little hands

Little feet

Remembering once, a lifetime ago

When she was the one jumping the river

Swinging up to the moon and

Grabbing at the stars

Bursting through the trees

After tagging her young playmate

Petty little fights causing such distress

Tantrums and tattles

Crying and forgiving

When things seemed so small

Fitting in the palm of her hand

And the world big enough to explore

With an open heart

There was no war, there was no pain

Cowboys and Indians

A scrape on the knee

Dresses with bows

Stealing pants and

Climbing trees

Instead of doing chores

Listening around a warm fire

As stories are told of an older time

Dreaming under the stars

Waiting to be older

Waiting to be grown up

At this point, she let the tear drop

Wishing she had kept those moments precious

Hugging them and keeping them tight

When innocence was something she could own

But as she looked at her children

And her children's children

A new thought occurred

As every season occurs for oneself

A new one occurs for another

So, she took her second generation by the hand

And jumped the river

Captured the stars

Ran through the trees

And told of a lifetime ago

Around a fire

Watching as their eyes grew big

And keeping the awe and love of life in her heart