strange little girl

fire hair shakes and shimmers
as she punches power chords on keys,
and the voice lilts over the piano,
haunting words lodging in brains
of angst-filled women. she'll sing,

what do you plan to do
with all your freedom?

and we won't know the answer.

in truth, we all may be just
demigods with nine inch nails
and little fascist panties
tucked inside the heart of every nice girl,
and we all know she's a playboy mommy,

but none of that matters
because she's got us all living
under the pink with her.

A/N: If you know who this is about, you know that a good chunk of this comes from her songs/albums. I'll leave that as my disclaimer. And if you know who it is, I will give you a virtual cookie because that means you have fantastic taste in music.