How lovely you are tonight

In your sunlight dress

Under the crescent moon

Sparkling with the ice around your neck

Perfect round rim

I watch you

As the candles burn

Burning in their orange light

Accentuating your beauty

My Margarita,

How I wish to taste your sweetness

Draped with sour of my yearning

Oh Margarita,

My stomach feeling with bitterness

As I slowly wet my lips

And mouth

As I play my tongue with your flavor

I want more,


More of you

I drank you

Five times

And I want more

More of the orange flavor of your mouth

But I couldn't

I wanted to but I couldn't

Tempted to take you once again

But my companion already on her way out

And I fear she might leave me to walk alone

I walk away

Away from you

And I began to feel numbness

I walked the dark path swaying


That once again I have tasted you

Margarita passing through me

Inside me

Oh, Margarita,

Now I feel the pain

My limbs getting numb

My head crushing


My world spinning

My stomach complaining

Revolting against Tequila

The bitterness in my saliva

My body pushed her out

Out of my system

And I, a drunk

Could do nothing but to throw up

And let it all out

Oh, my Margarita

How you make me feel sick

Now I lie feeling bad

Shouting like a crazy and drunk.