Authors Note: Alright, So, This was an old story of mine. It was in first person, and getting a bit too confusing, so now I am editing it. I hope to have the story fixed and updated completely by Christmas. Enjoy…

Prelude to Darkness:

The shadows passed, whirling about a young girl. At first, it seemed, just in her mind, then coming real. She was lost already, alone in the darkness. Darkness it seemed that these shadows fed upon, growing, shifting, as if one large mass. The only light that peered out from around these 'creatures' in the shadows, came from their eyes which gleamed red into the darkness.

The shadow figures came forth, crawling out of the shadows, and into the only light in the area that shimmered down on the girl, from a lone star that shown high in the sky. They were like nothing she had seen before; thinner then bones themselves, hunched over into each other as though crippled, yet all the while they bared fanged teeth and sharpened claws against each other. Their breaths were drawn, harsh raspy gasps that disturbed the silence of the night.

The shadow creatures movements caused her to stumbled back from fear, falling to the ground. The sudden motion seemed to startle them, and they lunged forward at the girl. All seemed to land on her at once, biting deep with their fangs and slashing hard with their claws. She shrieked out piercingly, not able to form any true words.

It was that precise moment a last shadowed figure in the darkness came forth. He was less like the rest, tall and strong, with the look of a normal human. The star above shown in a glint off his sword. No time seemed to have passed before the shadow creatures were all in a pile on the ground, bloodied and defeated.

The young girl groaned out from pain and tried to stand back up, staring at this new comer who had saved her life. It was amazing a human could posses such power and strength, to fight, to destroy, to kill. She watched him for a moment, just staring. She cried out suddenly though, the pain too much as it coursed fire through her veins. Her own blood seeped through the deep wounds the shadows had given her. The pools of blueblood on the ground the shadows had left, mixed with the red of the wounds they had given her.

She began to fall back once more, though this time, strong arms wrapped about her waist. The one, who had once saved her life, now lifted her from the ground and held her close. Yet despite his warmth, she grew cold and limp in his arms, feeling nothing but pain; Seeing nothing but darkness.