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Chapter 2- Pure Black

The light had come three times since the attack, yet darkness was on its fourth round. It was an early darkness with the golden tinge in the horizon, where the sun had recently taken residence, which gave off some hope of distant light. The moon again, did not rise through the night's cool air to the usual resting place in the sky. It had been nearly a week of this as well, no moon, and only one star. The universe it seemed, wanted to keep the earth in darkness.

That one star in the sky, however, was enough to save the world for some time. One light, no matter how small, is still a light against the dark. The glimmer of the star filtered through the cracked window of the 'mansion' on the hill top, reflecting finally on the face of a young girl.

The girl rested in a bed three times too large, making her look like nothing more then a tot in the sheets. Her face was pale in the light, as white as a ghost in appearance. Her hair scattered across the pillow, pure black strands that tangled within each other. The sheets of the bed had tangled similarly, till they lay in a knot on the edge of the bed, half on, half hanging off the side. She lay sprawled at a weird angle on the bed; head bent straight on the pillow to face the ceiling, while her body twisted about along the mattress pad.

Even in her 'sleep' (More of a coma, induced by a lack of blood), the girl cried out through the days and night alike. The wounds along her back, chest, face, and pretty much entire body, caused her some great deal of pain that, even with the aids coming in every four hours or so to inject her with morphine, couldn't be prevented. It seemed at last, the morphine must have worked a little on the girl, as her screams had died down to harsh gasps.

Brian entered her room quietly, slipping in the door without a sound. He moved to her side slowly, his hazel eyes staring over her mangled form. "Why wont you wake, little one…" He whispered into the air. He sighed hopelessly and carefully adjusted her legs and body till she was lying normally on her back. There was a bowl of ice water on the side table with a cloth in it, which he took to wipe her face clean of a fevers cold sweat.

Replacing the cloth in the bowl, Brian took the girls limp hand into his and took his seat in the chair at her bed side, holding her hand. He would have seemed to be praying to an outsider, as he stared out the window, however he knew better then to assume any gods in the sky wouldn't listen to someone like him. He sighed again; leaning back to close his eyes a bit. They stung from lack of sleep, and he just wanted to rid their heaviness with that sleep, however he refused to let his mind listen.

It seemed he could only keep up this mental dance for a while, as after an hour or so, Brian had fallen fast asleep by her side. His hand let go of hers as it fell limp while he slept. He didn't awaken to the rustling of the sheets beside him, nor the tossing of the girl. He didn't notice when her eyes shot open as she awoke for the first time in days, gasping in pain. He didn't awaken, till she jolted upright to sit and shrieked piercingly as the wound on her stomach (A large bite mark over her waist) tore open.

Brian jolted to his senses immediately, staring at the girl who held her stomach, screaming and crying from the pain. She looked back at him, dimmed lilac eyes wide with fear. He immediately hit a small green button on what seemed to be a remote of sorts that rested on the table. "Shh… Its alright, child…" He whispered to her calmly. He moved her hand from the stomach, and placed the wet cloth over the open wound, holding it in place tightly.

"Wh-…What is…" She tried to speak, but started into a coughing fit. Reddish-black blood began to ooze from the corners of her lips as she coughed. Brian saw this, and tried to keep his expression soft while all he felt was fear that she was going to die in his arms.

Called by the alert the remote must have sent out, two nurses aids came racing into the room. Another followed, not running, with a cart filled with medical supplies. They told Brian to leave, and were left on their own immediately, as he shuffled from the room.

Brian looked down at his hand, and felt he might be ill. They were covered with the young girls' blood, a mix of black and red, still warm to the feel. He immediately ran to the bathroom, kicking the door open rather then using his hands. He used his elbows to turn the hot water on and thrust his hands under it quickly, to wash the blood away. It came off in thick gobs, dark and heavy. They mixed with the water and slowly dissolved with it, swirling red dye in the crystalline water.

By the time he had scrubbed his hands bare, of blood and nearly of the skin from his hands, one of the aids was waiting for him just outside the bathroom. He dried his hands, raw and red, in a clean white towel. Quietly he left the towel and water, exiting the bathroom to find the aid standing on the other side of the door. "What is wrong? She isn't… Dead; is she?" Brian questioned her.

"No, far from death in fact. We made to re-sew the wound, but it seemed to heal itself. It's only gone so far as to not bleed anymore, and not look as bad. But it is still a start. You were right, it is their mark. That is why it healed. She should be able to move about now, finally; and she is awake. You can go see her, again…" The aid told him quickly in turn.

Brian nodded to the aids comments, and swiftly left her side to go check on the girl. By the time he arrived in the room, she was standing and arguing with the remaining aid about why she was there. The aid insisted to her that she knew nothing, and the girl yelled back each time that she must know something. Brian sighed in seeing this, and nodded for the aid to leave. She huffed slightly, and turned on the girl indignantly a she took her leave.

"Relax, I beg you," Brian whispered to the girl. She simply leered back at him. The lights in the room were on now, and in the light she recognized him, though she couldn't remember where from. She couldn't remember how she had come about being in this house, nor anything from that night four back where she had been attacked. But his face stood out clear in her mind; his gentle features that seemed both calm and worried in one, his hazel eyes that seemed to reflect some sort of wisdom; as though he knew something he would never tell.

"Where are we? Why am I here?" She meant to sound more menacing in her questions, but something in his features wouldn't allow her to remain so furious. Even so, she was scared, and hurt; a lethal combination.

"Please, you just woke. It would be too much, too fast, to explain all of this too you right now." He soothed.

"Well, you best learn to be faster. I can handle it… Now tell me where the hell I am!" She growled back at him, less calm and more menacing now. Brian reached out to take her hand gently. She immediately pulled back, before he could grasp at it, and started pacing about the room. She looked from the cracked window, to the closed door, and wondered to herself if anyone would stop her from leaving.

"What is your name, young one?" He asked her finally. "Tell me that, and I may answer your questions. My name is Brian."

"Cailyn; just Cailyn. Now spill. What the hell is going on here, Brian!?"


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