"Hi gran, I'm doing an essay on the slavery, do you think you could help me?" I looked up at my granddaughter. Her black hair flew behind her as she started walking towards me. Her eyes shone with love, as she kissed my fore head.

"Yes, in fact I do think I can help you" I replied back to her, I saw her eyes filling with excitement as my mind wondered away.

"It all began on a Sunday afternoon…"

I was gathering food to cook when I heard a gunshot. I quickly hid behind the tree. When I looked back my jaw dropped at what I saw. My friends were being captured. Men from the Yoruba village were there. Females from the Hausa village were there to. I nearly fell out of the tree at what I saw next. White men. White skinned people. The men had small nose, cheekbones, small eyes and lips. They were wearing a large piece of cloth at his neck with a jacket and leggings. They had funny animal skin on their feet. Suddenly a branch broke; I went back before they could see me.

After they were gone I ran back to the village as fast as I could. My mama was waiting for me.

"Where is the food, Oluwafunmilayo? You think when we send you for food you can mess about, huh?" My mama grabbed hold of my ear and started twisting it. She stopped and walked back to the hut fuming. I thought she was going to get the kobo-ko so I quickly said "I saw white skinned people, mama!"

My mama turned around so fast I thought she was going to fall. "What did you say?" Mama looked so shocked, like my statement was random. "I saw white men"

My papa came over from having a meeting with the chief. He looked so tired that my heart reached out to him despite the stern look on his face. "You are not to go anywhere without people accompanying you. Do you understand?" I replied eyes down with respect for my father. You see I heard told my papa as well who had taken it to the chief, who had called all the men together. They had finale come to this decision.

My papa was a strong man, who had once fought in the war against the Ghanaian; He had come back still strong and healthy. He had tried to provide the best education for me and had taught me well.

As I walked pass a hut I remembered that it was my little brother's birthday and my mama and papa were celebrating at night. I hurried to work looking for some ingredient I could use for a harp. I went deeper inside the forest looking for the best wood I could find, when something hit me on the head. Then everything went dark.

I woke up to find a white skinned man kicking me telling me to wake up. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me into a massive room filled with benches and feet chains. There were lots of them. People tied up to the metal evil looking like things.

Meanwhile, back at the village Oluwafunmilayo papa and other men of the village whose children had gone missing were looking for them. A man stopped the group. There was something on the floor. A necklace with a tooth on it. Oluwafunmilayo papa recognised it as Funmi's. He fell to his feet and screamed out her name. When they returned to the village papa went into the hut and said into the hoping eyes of his wife "Thank banner we've got a son, but we no longer have a daughter." At this mama cried out.

Women were being sick on each other. Dying next to each other. As I watched a girl scream because there was a died girl beside her the shipped turned and my bench threw up. Never in my life had I been in this situation so I didn't know what to do. I couldn't help any way because I was chained.

I watched as white men came down grabbing girls with lust in their eyes. I wept. Those girls would never be the young maiden they had been when they arrived. One man looked at me and saw the defiance on my face and said "I'll take this one." He pulled me off the bench and took me to his room. There were lots of white men taking girls virtue on the beds. NO. I thought this couldn't happen to me.

The white man pushed me down on the bed in an aggressive manner. He ripped of the only thing stopping him, my clothes and grinned gleefully at my body. I struggled to run away but he had me trapped by his body.

"Defiant one you got" I heard from the man beside me. The white man on top of me said

"And she's all mine" as he kissed me.

"Gran, its okay if you want to stop there. Honestly I didn't need to know that much anyway." My granddaughter's eyes looked so honest that I nearly broke down. I shooed her away before she could see the tears in my eyes.

Taking my mind off the story I had told

Lara, I sunk into a deep peaceful sleep. The first I had had since that night. Now this was a good sign