Muted Song

Chapter One: If We Cut Out The Bad, Well Then We'd Have Nothing Left

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"Circus folks?" Jenny asked doubtfully. Nicole nodded. Jenny Smith was the one friend she had managed to acquire in the one month she had been in school in Raleigh, North Carolina, and now that the school year was officially over, Nicole was hoping they would stay friends. "I don't know, Nicky, doesn't that seem kind of weird?"

"Yeah but you should have been there, Jenny! It was wonderful and… happy!"


"Yeah! God, you would totally get what I'm saying if you had been there." Nicole sighed. "Hey, maybe you can be there. I'm going this evening!"

"I don't know, Nicky…" Jenny started but Nicole shot her a pleading look. "Okay," she conceded. "Just let me go home first so I can change. It's way too hot for a sweater. I wish they would fix the air conditioner at school."

"Never gonna happen. It's a public high school."


"Nicole! Up here!" Triela called out. Nicole looked up towards the ceiling to see Triela standing there, apparently suspended in midair.

"Um, hey," Nicole said in surprise. Triela smiled before suddenly she was falling through midair.

"No net," Jenny had time to gasp before Triela stopped falling and bounced easily to the ground.

"Yeah, isn't it cool? It's made of these fibers that're like fishing line, only springy. So they work like our old nets, but they're harder to see," Triela said. "Who's your friend, by the way?"

"Um, this is Jenny Smith," Nicole said. "Jenny, this is Triela DeMorte."

"Doesn't that mean 'Triela of Death'?" Jenny asked.

"Don't you have the most common name ever?"

"I was just asking."

"Hmm, well, we'd better get you to makeup, Nicole. I've gotta go there, anyway. And if we can hurry maybe we can get there before Sebastian leaves," Triela said. "Does your friend want a costume, too? She might be able to wear my older sister's."

"Sure," Jenny said. She was trying to act like it didn't matter either way, but she really did want to wear one.

"Anghel, we're here," Triela sang out as the three reached the makeup room. Triela tried to open the door, but the knob seemed to be stuck. "Anghel?" No one answered. Triela sighed. "Stupid door," she cursed before taking a few steps back and kicking the door squarely on the lock. It flew open and all three girl's jaws hit the floor.

"Oh god, Anghel, suck harder…"

That must be Sebastian DeMorte.


"Where's Ayden?" Chris muttered to himself, searching through the house for his brother. He finally made his way to the kitchen. Scribbled on a Post-It note stuck on the fridge as though as an afterthought, was a note.

Chris – went to Raven's. Be back by tomorrow at latest. – Ayden.

Chris cursed under his breath. Ayden was such a hypocritical bastard.


I'm glad we're together…

Me too…

I'm making out with a vampire…

You seem to have enjoyed that…

We went too fast, okay?

I don't understand you…

I can't deal with this right now…

I hate you…

Go away…

You're such a tease…

Leave and don't come back…

My lover…

Lash buried his face in his pillow, fighting back tears. It was too much sometimes. He wanted to scream, scream until he couldn't scream anymore. Until he had let the world know just how much he hated it.

How had it come to this?

His lover…


"Raven, get off of me," Ayden grumbled. She pouted but pulled away from him.

"Why're you here, then?" she asked.

"Do you love me, Raven?" Ayden asked. She looked at him sharply.

"Well, no. But we've never loved each other."

"Why not?"

"From the beginning I was just a quick fuck, right? Not exactly love material."

"If it had been different, would you have loved me?"

"Probably not." Although her words hurt, Ayden was grateful. Raven was always painfully honest, and he needed that, especially on this subject. "Why, you fell in love with me or something? Or maybe you're regretting the abortion. Whatever it is, forget it, Ayden. Nothing will change with us."

"No. Not us. Why wouldn't you love me, Raven? What's wrong with me?"

"Oh, you're in love with someone, aren't you?" Raven asked slyly. Ayden nodded. "Okay, I'll bite. Let's see. For one, you're self-centered. For two, you're eternally convinced that someone else is always doing you wrong, but you don't acknowledge what you're doing wrong. For three, you have shit taste in music. For four, you only stress the sexual part of a relationship. No matter what you may be feeling in addition, it's overshadowed by lust. People feel pretty used. You're pretty moody, too, and you can go from hot to cold in like, two seconds. And a large portion of the time, you don't show any kindness or interest in other people. And that's fine for people like us. That's how we are. But if you want someone who doesn't fit that mold, you've got work to do."


Tristan winced as pain shot through his wrist. He had been doing it less and less as time went on, but now that he was back in his father's house and Nicole had moved and Lash was all moody because of what happened with Adrien, and Gerard was back in the community while he awaited trial and Tabby and their parents were fighting… he wanted it again. He needed it. He needed to cause pain. He needed to cause damage.

He couldn't do it to them. He knew it. And he didn't want to do it to them. But he had to do it. So he would turn it in on himself. The pain subsided quickly and he felt all of his frustrations leave his body. He was calm. He was refreshed. And it had been easy. Just a little lost blood and a patch of gauze secured under a wristband.


Diana Fresk opened her door to find a girl with black hair, makeup, and clothes standing there. The girl stared blankly at her before moving into the house.

"Um, excuse me," Diana started.

"Mom, it's fine," Levy mumbled, coming out of his room. He and the girl looked at each other for a moment before sitting on the living room couch. Levy turned on the television and they continued to watch in silence.

Diana watched in surprise for a few moments but they still didn't say anything, just continued to watch the television.

She came back after an hour and they were still sitting in the same place, still watching the same channel. But a small smile played on Levy's lips.

He didn't like people. But he had to admit that being alone had been, well, lonely.


AN: Hmm… I don't know if I like this or not. I feel like I've forgotten someone, but I don't know who. I think this story does flow better in third-person POV, though. But I'm so used to first-person. I'm kind of afraid, as well, that third-person might ruin the humour, since it will be more difficult to look into the characters minds. But at least it makes it easier to grant Kizuna's wish and put more Levy into the story. Even though I'm probably pissing her off so bad with the Lash/Adrien thing!

Random fact: Triela was loosely based off of a character in the anime "Gunslinger Girl". But then I tweaked her to the point that she wasn't even recognizable as a character. Gomen.

I had so many more ramblings as I was typing but now I'm tired and I can't remember any of them. So yeah.

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