girls talk.

she is calling to me
at 3 o'clock in the morning
telling me she feels bad
her boyfriend didn't arrive to the date
but one of her friends suggested
he was fooling her
meanwhile she was crying
thinking of suicide
as dinner already was cold
as cold as ice
it was that love from him
I didn't find ways to help her
yeah, yeah
"can you give an opinion?"
I don't know what to say
but we could eat ice cream
do you like chocolate?
"am I fat?"
I didn't have ways to cheer her
oh my god!
so we should talk about love pains?
you are sad if your honey leaves you
you are sad too if your honey is with you
because love really didn't melt
so easy like butter.
c'mon girl to take a girls talk
that's what you need
c'mon girl to laugh somehow
that's what you need to forget him
if you can't hold a boy
why don't you get another boy?
if you can't manipulate a boy
let's go to get a puppy
they are cute
yeah, I know we're girls
our hormones need opposite sex
if he is a bad boy
we'll be good girls
if he is a good boy
we'll be bad girls
it's balance of the love
yeah, yeah
taking time you'd understand more.