Can you feel the nothing

That hangs in the air

Can you hear it? Are you listening?

No one's there

Where once deepest hopes

Are now greatest fears

And all screams and cries

Fall softly on deaf ears

Where all that was lost

Will never be found

And food, toys and sweet nothings

Lie abandoned on the ground

Where light was, now gone

If ever did it exist

And darkness, now memory and dream

Forever lost in the mist

The beauty of chance

Which once painted the skies

Now reflect, dull and gray

On blank, glassy eyes

And the distant echoes of children

Can be heard now and then

And imprinted forever in the cold, ashy ground

The footsteps of women and men

And standing, quiet and cold

In this dark forgotten place

Is you, holding that framed picture of me

The long-gone smile preserved on my face

Remembering what will be never again

Through your blank and thoughtless stare

Forgive and forget, remorse and regret

Can you hear it? Are you listening? No one's there.