As I close my eyes,
I think of old times.
The storm in a teacup,
And how you'd bring sexyback.

The 500 miles
Were a wonderwall.
We both knew how it was
The start of something new.

Remember the funny time
When our lawyers made us change
The title of the song
So we wouldn't get sued?

How I miss those days
Of shooting stars,
Holding hands, and the
Dreams of an electric kingdom.

Oh the pain, and the rain
And the snow, hey oh!
When it was time to dance,
You said, "Boys don't cry."

You showed me
How to save a life,
To live a life of a salesman,
And not of half pain.

I know that
Life is like a boat,
Home sweet home
Is like a rolling star.

Now as I stand
Right before you,
All I can do is tell you
That I miss you.

How I miss those days
When life was a shell,
When there was passion in your eyes,
And randomness was swell.

As you kiss me goodbye,
There's nothing but silence,
The sound of the wind,
And tears of sorrow.

In this letter to you,
I would like to tell you,
How much I desire
For you to be here.
a/n:- I had my friends give me titles of two or three songs each and I arranged those titles to create this; obviously I added other words to make this what it has become. Hope you like it!

List of artists the songs are by:- Panic!At The Disco, Younha, Angela Aki, Utada Hikaru, Chantel Kreviazuk, Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fall Out Boy, Three Days Grace, The Cure, The Fray, Oasis, Kim Bum Soo, Yellowcard, High School Musical, Proclaimers, Anggun, Acha Sepriatsa, Twilight 22, Mc Mong, Yui Horie, Akeboshi, Yuki, Bana, Rei Fu.