By:Andrew Troy Keller

Some rainbows are more than bold,
For there are some rainbows that are paved with gold.
Barney Linden was one of those who were bold
To be in search of the gold.

At first,he had figured his work would be easily done,
For he was out there looking for number one.
But then,at a party-type dance,
Barney had found something else--romance.
Kia Chen was discovered by Barney to be the one.

She was a true beauty--
A real treat for the eyes to see.
She was also one of those who were bold,
For she too was after the gold
For all it's glitter and glee.

However,before taking the morning flight,
Barney and Kia had spent a romantic night.
And no matter how spectacular their night has been,
The false lovers had prepaired themselves for a real sin,
Which had began after the morning flight.

Suddenly,at the rainbow's end,
A pot of gold was finally found at the end.
But then suddenly,Barney's soon-to-be former hun
Had pulled out a gun
And told him that their relationship was at an end.

Then,down from a tree came John,
Who was in fact a leprechan.
And since they were after the gold within the pot,
The two cut-throats were forced to be parts of the pot--
So had decided John the leprechan.

Barney was never seen again.
Kia was never seen again.
Because after an encounter with a leprechan,
They are forever living the real sin.