What My Head Says

You're always there in class,

Talking to your friends.

Y'all look like you're having so much fun,

I wish I could make fate bend.

He's just another number,

My head tells me anyways.

You'll like someone new next year,

This love is just a phase.

But when I see you,

I can't breathe.

When I hear you,

My knees grow weak.

Your existence is my fire.

Your motions, my life.

My thoughts are filled with you.

And I am caused more strife.

I don't want to ever forget you.

Even though I know this won't last,

You probably like another girl,

And she likes someone else.

I'm just the measly girl with a crush.

My feelings are nothing,

Compared to your love triangle,

I am dust.

But I feel for you so strongly.
I want you so deeply.

But I'm nothing,

No more than an acquaintance.

My heads says anyways.

I pity your situation.

I would freak, if I were you.

But I'm not, so I sit here,

Waiting for the morning dew.

Imagining what we could be,

Always slows my step,

But I just clear my mind

And make another bet.

All I want is you,

But I've probably said that before,

About all my other crushes,

When I thought they were what I was looking for.

I want this to be different!

I'll die again if it's not.

I torture myself every year,

Trying to convince myself of what I've got.

Oh God, help me.

I'm so lost in his eyes.

I falter in his step.

And his voice screws with my mind.

My head and my heart are saying two different things.

I don't know which to listen to,

But I'm bleeding internally.

The music in my head is fighting the movie in my heart.

They conflict with one another,

I'm not sure which one is dark.

Maybe they'll do it together.

Maybe they won't.

But I die everytime I see him,

And I die everytime I don't.