Just come crawling back

And I'd love to push you away

Stab your affections and mangle your pride

But you don't

You don't call or write to say goodbye

And it's lonely here on my island

When there's so many things left unsaid

If you'd come close enough I would grab you

Stay back you say

Stay back.


In this, every memory's a splinter

And eventually all splinters will fade

Into my blood, disenchanted

But keeping me breathing all day

As I lie back on my bed of needles

Your bittersweet scent fills my head

Yet somehow, I can't help but smile

Distantly knowing we're dead


If I could have held on more loosely

Been better for you had I known

Wishing that I could turn time back

Feeling our friendship gone wrong

Places we've been now have meaning

And now that you're never around

Meaning is something too painful

The ashtray I call hallowed ground.