This is the static over the phone

This is the awkward awakening

This is when we stop pretending

This is when I start leaving

And stop coming back.

Right now, your face is getting scrunched up

Because you know

I am talking to you.

The way you can't recall the details

Of our last interaction.

I bet you can remember my (god-damn catholic school girl) mouth though.

What's the matter baby?

Have you never tasted infinity like this?

I can see inside of you,

Right down to your addictions


There's no place for me here anymore.

I can't see into the future but

I get the feeling my son-of-a-bitch sticky

Smile is already imprinted on your soul

Just think, the next time we run into each other

You'll like to peel off my clothing

Get me so much closer

For the additional romance or rougher sex.

When you turn your head away

I'll click my teeth together.

Because it's like coming down off that rush

You were always good to me,

I never once had to fake an orgasm

You didn't know how hard I'd bite that inside of my mouth

I wasn't really a loud one

but you weren't really single anyways

You asked me to try it,

I hadn't seduced you because

I thought you didn't want me

When you weren't someone else's.

You told me once

How I was so simple

Happy or sad, there were no mediums

On the outskirts of my insanity,

Wishing on stars and dieting

I used to blush when you said hello

Maybe it was because your voice was just so..


Maybe I just was picturing you naked.

The truth is

You'll never know.

I'm lacking inspiration

I can only write The End so many times

Before it starts to lack meaning.

I was never original and

You were never mine

So I have nothing to lose

Except dignity,

And I never had that anyways.