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Deltia & muse Leicon


Chapter 23

Equal Parts of Blood

Legs arched bodies twisted, back inclined gently in the breeze. A sensual breathing past their lips as tails shifted over hips and moved with each thrust of a hand or foot outwards, hands arching up with peaceful movements. The sun was rising as two angels coordinated with each other in a graceful morning dance. The smaller of the two, being the timid Esgar, set his hand on Tenshin's chest, pushing back, but lightly as bodies arched together into the movements and dance they had practiced for so long. The meditation continued, to find a peace of mind within themselves as a lone fox swayed his tail in the distance while watching and mimicking the same moves. They had known this dance since their childhood, taught to arch and rise with the morning sun in order to calm and settle into a more peaceful day. Their power rose with the sun, and the flame dancer felt a renewed energy within him.

It had been nearly five months since they had departed from Deum, and Leicon could not help but wonder if something had fallen ill upon his master. When he was forced away, it had never been more than a week or two. His eyes watched the sun rise fully as the glow of the morning light cast over the grass that swayed with the breeze. His body slumped backwards after all that straining. He had not done it in so long. The white tank top shifted over his chest with the grass, hair splayed outwards above him as if the grass had risen ablaze. They wore no shoes in the grass. Only Esgar was the one wearing long sleeves. The snows had indeed passed and spring had come and gone just as easily. The heat had already risen in the form of almost summer at the near end of June, and it was not often that Leicon could just relax with some of Esgar's over-sweetened juices. Something about the fruits grown here had always made them taste better than anywhere else. A hand shifted over his middle and one behind his head as he glanced up at the clouds passing by.

Valentine's Day had come and the entire house had emerged into many roses and daisies along with longer, fuller branches that carried up the stair case. The two couples had kept to themselves, and Leicon had bounded down from the place to a near by town that had a festival, along with a bandana to cover ears and a full day of kissing and buying chocolates. They had spent the entire day together, encouraging Deltia's musings and dwelling in Leicon's need for pictures taken together along with a swan ride on the lake and sharing a bench at night for a close warm cuddle.

He sighed faintly under his breath at the memory, claws shifting over the shirt. It had been so long since then. He felt a disturbance next to him as Esgar giggled faintly and kicked his legs up with a sway, settled on his stomach as his hands pressed under his chin, "Sounds like someone misses someone else?"

Leicon shifted his crimson squared glasses on his face, "It's just that he hasn't been around lately. After the last little accident with one of his summons he hasn't wanted me around. He thinks I'll get hurt again."

Tenshin snorted from behind them, settled on his back in the wild grass, arms behind his head, "He nearly got you killed."

Esgar put a soft pout on his lips and shifted his upper body against Tenshin's chest, "Don't be mean. It was just a broken arm!"

Tenshin's eyes narrowed faintly, "A broke arm with several fractures and a spiral twist up the bone structure! That dog jerked and ripped."

Leicon drooped his ears a bit, "It was his first summon. He didn't know better nor did he know how to read the diagrams and tell what level or ability he needed. And look! I'm fine now." He raised his arm to show that there was no scaring or any damage left, "He can heal just as good too."

Tenshin gave a flat look towards Leicon at the face he was making, grumbling as he turned his head, "It's not like I'm saying I disapprove, but you really shouldn't be anywhere near him!"

Esgar lifted and placed a kiss on Tenshin's lips, "Wouldn't you miss me if I was off training and never came around for any type of affection?" It was Esgar turn to give Tenshin what was deemed 'the face.' The eyes would sadden and get somewhat soulful, though Esgar's were set in more of a pout like he had just been hit, casting a hurt almost painful look.

Tenshin's lips quivered as he kissed back lightly, fingers setting on Esgar's arms as he pulled him closer, "Yes, I would miss you."

Esgar chest almost rose in triumph if Tenshin would not be there to poke it back down, "See? He needs to see him. Go on, Leo. I'll hold down the O so dangerous angel."

Tenshin made a sound to protest, but Esgar was quick to muffle him as Leicon leapt to his feet and head for the area Deltia had secluded them in. It was true that Leicon had small moments with Deltia like that first night under the waterfall, but they had never pushed it any more extreme than that. He bit the corner of his lip when he ran in the direction of Deltia's flaring aura. It's not like he didn't want to. It's not like he didn't feel he wasn't ready. He just didn't know why… why… why what? What was he searching or thinking for?

A tail thrashed behind the beast as thick powerful claws raked over the ground. Leicon peeked behind a tree as his claws shifted down the bark, keeping quiet and still. The creature looked dog like, much like the small almost puppy looking one that had torn Leicon's arm almost clean off the first summon Deltia ever tried. Deltia was on all fours, staring down beast in almost a crouch, like two enemies gauging each other before they would lunge at each others throats. His stomach nearly touched the ground, with his own claws drawn over dirt, tail swaying almost the same way. An ear twitched on his head and Leicon felt this urge to want to pet it.

The dog was starting to seem more like a wolf; it's shaggy, grayish- black appearance with scars of multitude and torn ears, with patches of burnt yet blazing blue on forearms, neck, ears, tail, spine, and hind legs. Jagged white teeth splayed over the gum line as a soft, steady, rumbling growl left the maw of the beast. It snorted occasionally and reared up once or twice before settling back into that growl. Deltia's tail was ruffled near the end with his ears slightly slanted back. Deltia had explained to him that summons weren't always obedient. That is where he had gone wrong the first time. Some of the beasts needed to know who was in charge.

He watched Deltia's ear twitch again and blinked to himself when Deltia's eyes turned his way slightly, but kept locked with the beast's own. Leicon was the master of stealth, yet somehow Deltia always knew how to find him. Tenshin always said that it was because of such a strong connection between them. He couldn't help but smile at that. The beast noticed Deltia's eye shift and swung its head away towards that direction, sniffing faintly before the growl became more aggressive, charging in the direction. Leicon's hands already swung up in defense before Deltia's arms clamped around the beast's neck in a dead weight tackle to the ground, claws digging into the top of his head behind an ear.

Leicon blinked at the two things rolling around and wrestling, wincing at times when he was afraid the weight of the beast would crush Deltia's body. How he wanted to help and how he knew he couldn't in this situation. The bodies became still, both panting and slumping against each other, Deltia's claws now rather gentle in the fur of the beast, stroking slowly behind the ears.

Deltia's gaze turned onto Leicon, "What are you doing here?"

Leicon's ears drooped slightly, feeling a bit of spite behind those words, "I was just checking up on you."

Deltia rose slowly, sitting upon the shoulders as his hands continued to scratch, "What did I say about coming over here while I'm doing this? I'll show you something when I have them under control."

Leicon's claws tapped a bit on his pants, "I know, but I really missed you, koishii."

His ears perked with a faint sigh, running his hand outwards with a dismissal of the beast, it fading along with the wind as if it was part of it, "I suppose I could take a break then."

Leicon glanced to the side, "If you don't want to you don't have to. I won't make you see me."

Deltia frowned a bit, lifting Leicon's chin slowly, pressing his lips softly, "Sorry. I just get caught up in my work sometimes. I don't mean to be so mean to you."

"S'okay," Leicon replied, his head dipping down to burry his face in Deltia's chest, arms tightening around him.

Deltia sighed again, arms tightening around him in return, picking him up against him in his arms, carrying him away from the place, "You can stay, ya know. I just worry about you too; getting hurt again over my stupid mistakes."

He bit Deltia's chest slightly, licking over the small mark, "I don't have to if you don't want me around."

Deltia murred faintly, mumbling as he brushed his fingers over his hair, "Just put a little distance and it'll be alright. Or stay downwind or something. Mmkay?" He felt a nod against his chest and set Leicon down nearby, kissing his forehead softly before heading back over to his little spot, "I can do little things right now. Nothing much, itoshii."

Leicon watched Deltia open a little book to the side, flipping to a page before handing it to him. He read about summoning birds, though calm and docile, they could be things of horror in many flocks of them. Deltia shifted his hands slowly, counting off fingers in a silent murmur of words, a fluttering of light forming around him, little arrows of light shooting out around him into the sky, before a dove and smaller birds of sparrows landed on his outstretched fingers. They were different than normal birds. The doves looked a bright white of pure energy, while the sparrows had darker eyes, and sharper figures of their flight tail feathers.

He watched him whisper something to it, before the dove swooped over to land on Leicon's shoulder, him blinking at the message in his head, as if the dove was transmitting one to him through his mind. "I love you," were the words and he laughed faintly at that, "Cute, koishii."

Deltia rose his hand to let the sparrows fly up into the air, moving his hands with them to have them whoosh down towards a nearby tree, their sharper wings and speed alone slicing and hacking away into the tree, only to come down again and attack it once more. Deltia had been studying the book a lot more. He signaled Leicon to turn to another page, waiting for him to read it before starting with the next voice of commands after dismissing the birds into nothing.

To Leicon's ears, it was airy and suddenly cold around them. Instead of light, intense darkness was swarming around Deltia's feet. A howl pierced the air as if the wind itself had started to form around him, slowly shaping into the beast he had seen earlier. Deltia quickly grabbed its head by its ears, staring it down with a playful shake.

"The one I summoned the first time was this one. He's grown quite a lot and I think he's friendlier. He's just unsure of who's an enemy and who's a friend. Wind elemental, if you can't tell. I tried summoning other things, like cats and bears, but they are too dangerous. You'd think a wolf would be aggressive. Give him a little meat and he's friendly."

The fox shifted over slowly behind Deltia and shifted his hands onto his shoulders, looking at the beast slightly, only approaching when Deltia motioned him to. He felt his wrist grabbed by him and shifted in front of the wolf's face, getting a good sniff down of his palm. "This is an important person to me. Understand?" he heard him say to it.

The creature barked out in almost an echo, Leicon gripping onto Deltia in order to not be blown away, "He's strong."

Deltia rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "Eh heh. Kept knocking me over the first few times. I think he uses wind echoes. Or sonic echoes as weapons. At least that's what the book tells me."

He patted the head down when Deltia showed him how, hearing errs of appreciation. It was quickly gone though, when Deltia motioned for it to disappear. The air and presence was calmer now that it was no longer around. He watched Deltia sit down for a small break and sat down beside him, tucking himself slightly into his arm in a small lean, feeling comfy when Deltia tilted his head to rest on top of his. It's all he really needed for now.

Deltia shifted another book into Leicon's hands, feeling the cover to be much rougher and older than the one before. It almost looked evil. He thumbed it open and peek through the pages, watching pictures of various summons stare up at him with evil and desire, hunger-filled, aggressive natures. He supposed they were meant to be that way.

"There's a note that was in there written by Deum. It says that these can only be summoned only if no lightness is presence. He literally gives me a lecture in the note about it, saying how if I were to show any presence of my lighter side while using my dark side, like one would with a shadow type such as myself, they could become rampart and destructive. It would make them harder to control and harder to bring back into their binds. From the way this is opened, I can tell he's used them before."

"You still love me, koishii?"

Deltia tilted his head to glance at him, blinking a bit, "Of course I do, itoshii."


He felt a bit more weight into his side, Leicon shifting under his arm and into his lap, leaning into his chest, "Why you say that?"

Leicon shook his head a bit, nuzzling into his chest, "Just haven't heard it in a while. Sorry."

Deltia's fingers brushed through his hair, "It's alright, itoshii. I love you."

"I love you too, koishii."

Two small ferrets bounded across the ground towards them, dashing up Leicon's body and onto his head, one clinging to an ear. Deltia blinked faintly and batted at them, though a small pat from Leicon got him to stop. The stared at him with little eyes, climbing onto his head and tugging at his hair. He winced faintly and grabbed one, only to watch it twist and turn around his arm to his shoulder, biting there and clinging. Deltia growled faintly and jerked it by its tail, only to get bitten by the other one, "Dammit!"

Leicon fussed with Deltia's tugging and pulled at his fingers, stroking their little bodies, "Don't tug on them! It's only Koi and Koo. They are the things Deum said he would send to tell us when it's time to head back. I know them!"

Deltia rubbed at his shoulder the moment they scurried away onto Leicon's shoulders, hiding behind him rather innocently with little waves of their tiny paws at him in a tease, "You know them?" He would eat them. He was sure of that if he could. They were cute little things though. One was black and the other was white. Like Yin and Yang almost. Meh. Stupid little fur balls.

Leicon nuzzled one with a snicker, "Don't get jealous, koishii."

Deltia stared at Leicon talking to the things, listening to their little squeaks and noises, "I'm not jealous."

Leicon reached into his pockets and pulled out a few seeds, giving it to them as they ate and then scurried off out of sight, "Deum gave us three days to get back."

Deltia kinked a brow, "Three days? Doesn't it take us about a day to get back?"

Leicon smiled a bit knowingly, "Yes. Usually he demands me back in a half a day."

Deltia snorted faintly and sat up, watching Leicon flop onto him as he had been leaning, before helping him up as well, "Eh. So what? He's being nice? It's either that or he has some mad scheme to plan, or he won't be back from somewhere until then, or…" Deltia smirked faintly, "he thinks we are making hot, jungle love?"

Leicon lightly punched Deltia in the arm and started to walk away, swaying his tail slightly, "Now you know Deum would know that you can't get in that easily, itoshii. Besides, I think he wants a little alone time."

Deltia rubbed his arm slightly, following after him, "Alone time? He's had a good five months for alone time."

Leicon winked at Deltia slightly, swaying his tail rather slowly with a brush against the back of his legs, "Well he hasn't been… alone."

Deltia furrowed his brows as he thought before giving Leicon a flat look, "I'm sure the vampire is dead."

Leicon smirked faintly, already making his way down the hill, "Or else they are both having sex with each other."

Deltia's ear twitched in annoyance, scrunching his face up in disgust, "Like Deum would ever let someone do that to him."

Leicon nodded faintly and rather innocently at Deltia, "Yes, I suppose he wouldn't especially since he was going to let the vampire do something else to him," now teasing with his voice, "I suppose we should take those three long days to get back then?"

Deltia stopped for a moment before scooping Leicon up over his shoulder, "Best to make it back quickly. He did say he wanted us back immediately when he called."

Leicon yelped a bit and clung to his shoulder, snickering again, "Whatever you say, koishii." Leicon's tail swayed over Deltia's face, blinding him on purpose. As they rolled down the hill towards the bottom and flopped on top of each other, Leicon stuck his tongue out at Deltia, even though the look on his face told he knew he was to be 'punished'.


Slender fingers gripped the drifts of black hair near the scalp; the human's back arching once more as the other hand gripped the bed with sheets underneath and pillows under nails. Legs would press against the arms of the vampire which each movement of lips and tongue. Deum's head rolled back, eyes barely open in a serene expression as hair fell around his shoulders, clinging to the sides of his face where sweat had made an appearance. The vampire was merciless in his task, draining the human of all his essence. Crimson eyes would linger at the exposing throat, already stained with his mark of a bite just minutes before. Moans and cries left the human's lips, as much as he would have wanted them not to. It was a force he was no longer new to. The vampire had been all too charming.

Hips bucked as fingers toyed and teased beneath around the sac and also within him, probing and pressing, pumping in and out to milk the human of all his worth. It had always been the same, over a course of many days. The human would be working and when the vampire had noticed Deum's recovered state he would creep and lurk his way into Deum's daily plans. A simple brush of fangs. A lick of the throat. A steady bite that influenced the feeding of the vampire. Fingers would tighten, arms would hold onto the willing human as he fed. It stung at first. Why Deum bothered to keep him around he didn't know at first, but soon the connection was stronger. When the vampire kept to himself and didn't follow Deum into the sunlight, it was almost disappointing.

He cursed himself silently that he had gotten so into his work, that each and every time he never saw the vampire coming. Those crimson eyes would lock with his, black hues staring at him hungrily, and each time it ended just like this. A bite, then a suck, and then….

Fingers clenched the moment the human released, sucking suddenly heavily done in from the vampire's sudden taste of it, causing hips to jerk and tire almost with abandon. The human panted under the vampire, fingers jerking down the hair with a piece or two ripping. It was no show of dominance anymore, just a lack of need to not want to. The vampire after all, didn't mind a little pain. The vampire hissed and wandered lips up the human's body, once again latching onto the throat and licking over the bite upon the neck at the blood that threatened to seep again. Strong fingers would suddenly raise his already tired legs, body still heaving for breath and comfort.

He would already be well loosened from the fingers slipping out of him that had helped push him over the edge, when the vampire would push in, "My turn," was all the vampire would ever say. How sex ever got involved the human would never know. The vampire was cruel, yet gentle. Each thrust pushing harder and faster than the ones before. The vampire was patient enough to at least allow him to cope with the intrusion into his body before thrusts would start. His back would arch, fingers merely gripping the sheets under him near his hips, riding out the vampire's need from waiting so long with rocking hips and eager thrusts. Deum never protested and always allowed the vampire to do so with louder moans and pleasure filled sounds.

When it was all done and the vampire had finished inside, bodies would drape over each other, the magician's fingers shifted over the arms that had enveloped his middle with a slight press, the vampire's lips once again at his throat, suckling on the remaining blood. His fingers curled as he pushed, willing the vampire to move up to allow him the decency of at least pushing the weight off of him. Deum murmured something under his breath, a bit of darkness swarming around his fingers.

Malician smirked with a slight showing of canines, "Don't be upset. You never are, human. You enjoy this just as much as I do."

Deum lifted his head slightly as his fingers gripped the arm tighter, "My pets… are already… on their way home!" he panted.

The vampire purred near Deum's ear, licking over it once or twice, "Really now. And you are somewhat offensive because you'll be still recovering when they get here."

Deum's eyes narrowed faintly before closing and just slumping back, "I gave them three days."

"Which you don't think they'll use to their advantage. You think they'll hurry back?"

"Clever as always and so very charming. Yes, vampire."

That made him laugh, "As I thought. You can always blame it on me. You know I'd do anything for you, Deum."

Deum's eyes slit open faintly, "So you say, and yet you cruelly drain me each time."

Malician yawned faintly as he slipped out of Deum, "Yes, you're so delicious. I can't help the taste."

Deum closed his lips to stifle something before fingers brushed over the vampire's hair, smirking faintly, "I could easily fix that now."

Malician's slit eyes closed, mumbling sleepily, "You wouldn't dare."

Deum watched the vampire tire out, now asleep in what he would believe to be early morning when the sun was already rising, "Hmm, no you are right. It's not you who I'm going to test it on." Deum's eyes would drift close.

The kitty would be home soon.


"Why am I always carrying you?" Deltia grumbled to the clinging Leicon that was upon his back.

Leicon nipped at one of his ears, chewing on the tip, "Because secretly you want to and it's always cold at night?"

Deltia purred faintly as his fingers gripped under the thighs, "Here I thought it was almost summer?"

Leicon rested his head on his shoulder, tail swaying behind him slightly, "You'll still want to. I hope Tenshin and Esgar didn't mind that we left without a word and only a note."

Deltia tilted his head into his, "I'm sure they'll understand."

Leicon fiddled with Deltia's collar of his shirt, "We are after all trying to save a friend?"

Deltia nodded slightly, "Yeah. Somehow."

Leicon nibbled at the shirt, "He wasn't always like that you know. I use to have violent tendencies and when I met him, it's like they went away suddenly and then all of a sudden he was having those violent tendencies. Maybe he was like that and tricked me."

Deltia grunted faintly, "Well he sure as hell tricked me. Though, we will save him somehow."

Leicon nodded as the feeling of him was already getting closer, "Deum's soul seems bright tonight. Maybe he'll be nice that we came back so suddenly."

Deltia shrugged a bit, glancing up at the white oak. It hadn't taken them long. They had left shortly after sunset and a day had pass with a new sunset. The air was still brisk around these parts. It was as if the air itself was cursed like always. The trees seemed to be higher. The long branches of the oak tree didn't seem to want to capture anyone today. He tilted his head in amusement. He had always suspected that the dead oak tree was somewhat alive in a way.

Push on the stone, walk down the stairs. It was the same as always and just like always, he pondered at how well he knew the place and yet had spent so little time in it at all. He wondered just how long he would be staying within its confines this time. At least if he stayed inside, he wouldn't have to kill anyone. The time Deum had made his body move on its own still haunted him.

Leicon sniffed a bit when they were closer to the rooms, fingers tightening on Deltia to be let go and put down. Deltia did as ordered and sniffed along with him. It smelled like Deum's blood. The closer they got almost made him purr. The scent was always pleasant to his nose. Claws shifted from fingernails slowly, thickening and hardening into fine points with sharp edges. Leicon shifted closer toward Deum's door, slowly opening it to peek inside before pushing it open.

Deltia stared at the vampire smirking faintly, hands freely brushing over the magician that was laying over him in slumber. Deum's arms were securely fastened around the vampire's middle, fingers almost curled in wanting at the sides. Leicon tilted his head as Deltia just stared, claws shifted back under fingernails. He had felt no trace of Deum needing him there to protect him, even when he had smelled the hint of blood. He could clearly see the gauze over Deum's throat. The vampire had fed off of him again.

"You should let him rest, though he has been recovering all day."


Leicon was trying not to say anything. The fact that he smelled sex in the air was one thing. It was always how the room and air smelled after Tenshin and Esgar had a romp around the house in various places as a child. He knew that smell well. As much as he wanted to tell Deltia, he said nothing. He would tell him later if he didn't notice himself.

Deltia twitched faintly as the human stirred, light blue eyes much to Deltia's surprise shifted open to glance their way, before they darkened as the body bolted up and hugged the sheets around him, "What gave you two permission to barge into my room?! Get out! I'll deal with you in a second." He winced at the feeling near his backside and glanced up at both of his pets noticing, "I said get out and stop standing there!" Whatever trace of the kind and generous Deum was already gone.

Malician chuckled faintly as he sat back, brushing a bit of Deum's hair in his hand, "Fascinating they found out so quickly."

Onyx eyes snapped towards the vampire, quickly shoving him away, "Shut up."

Malician made a small motion of zipping his lips shut with a smirk upon them, watching the human wince again and head to gather up his clothes and shift them on, slamming the door behind him.

Deltia leaned back against the door of his room with a sheepish laugh, "Eh heh. Think we are in trouble?"

Leicon rubbed at his hand a bit, "You could smell it in the air, you know."

Deltia nodded a bit as he felt the door cave in and he was crushed underneath it, whining faintly, "Ow…"

Deum's fingers tightened in the air. He had forgotten his staff. His eyes glanced downwards towards the door that was crushing Deltia and stepped off of it, "You will speak of nothing you saw, ever. Understand?"

Leicon and Deltia both nodded, even when Deltia had managed to get the door off of him, "Yes, sir."

Deltia sat up with a grumble, popping his back into place, "I was hoping he would be dead."

"He is of use to me."

Deltia resisted that inner urge to reply and failed, "Apparently."

Deum's fingers grabbed the nearest object, which happened to be a nearby bed table, and destroyed it instantly over Deltia's head, onyx eyes narrowing rather dangerously, "Kitty…"

Deltia whined and rubbed at his bleeding forehead, twitching, "Sorry. Sorry. I'll be quiet and a good boy. Just going to shut up now."

Deum snorted, "I was going to give you time, but now you can forget it. Both of you come with me."

Leicon blinked a bit as he went to check on Deltia's head, helping him to his feet before following after Deum. He was limping and a hand steadied him against the wall like he might topple over if he didn't have it there. The walls were darkening as they turned a corner down the row of cell doors. Deum's fingers pressed against the large door as it unlatched and opened by itself. Leicon pressed into Deltia's back, swallowing faintly. He knew what lay behind that door. A long sloped walkway proceeded down into the further depths of the underground labyrinth. The roots along the edges of the walls were disappearing rapid and Deltia felt a hint of dread before glowing torches that never went out burned near the end.

Leicon's claws almost dug into Deltia's arm, keeping close against him with a faint whimper, "Deum…"

"Shut up, fox."

Deltia glanced back at Leicon and shifted his tail around his partner's side, rubbing a bit. He didn't know why Leicon was so worried. It only made him want to worry even more. His ears shifted rather low as he watched Deum walked into a wide room that was bright and almost blinding His ears twitched in pain, an almost screaming sound swarming around them. Deum was already flicking off the switch that kept the lights and the sound off.

The room was large and expansive. Cell doors lined the walls of one side, while blocked doors with chains and locks lined the other side. Deum raised a hand to make them wait, shifting into the room at the farthest end, murmuring incantations in order to get past that one door. He appeared once again with a vile of liquid, shaking it slightly in a small motion before heading to the table in the middle that he had made his pets wait at. His eyes shifted up towards them.

Fingers uncorked and poured the liquid into a glass before picking up a knife and stroking the edge, "This is what we came to that castle for. I've finally managed to make copies for it. It's been tested on animals, but I've yet to test it on humans or other living creatures."

Deum slit the knife over his fingertip, watching Deltia's reaction as a drop fell into the liquid before holding out his hand towards Leicon, "Give me your hand."

Leicon winced with his hand in Deum's, feeling the knife slice over his hand. Deum turned it to watch the blood seep down and dribble into the liquid. Only after there was far more blood in it that Deum had spilt did he let go of Leicon's hand and start to stir it.

Deltia shifted his fingers around Leicon's hand, lifting it to lick and heal. It was quickly stopped by Deum's smacking hand, onyx eyes narrowing, "You can heal it later. Not now. Come."

Deltia followed as directed, glancing at Deum opening a cell door and motioning for him to enter. Deum pushed Leicon to the other side, "Stay here."

He was locked in along with Leicon, blinking and lowering his ears in a sense of dread once more. Deum's fingers curled around a lever and pulled down, a set of bars crashing down to cut Deltia off from Leicon, making it almost two types of cages. His hand stuck through and held the glass towards Deltia, "Drink this. Usually I'd inject it into the host."

Deltia blinked at the glass and eyed Deum for a second, then proceeded to tip it back and swallow all of it, twitching at the taste of blood and the tingly feeling of it shifting through him. He set the glass back in Deum's hand, tilting his head.

Deum smirked faintly, setting the glass down on the table after taking a few steps back, sitting down in a chair, "At first a snake will attack a mouse, making it run in fear away from the snake. But what if you were to find something that would change that."

Deum would reach down to pull down a sheet from over a similar cage such as their own, except on one side was a snake, and the other was a mouse. Slender fingers gripped the snake, cutting off a scale and sinking in a needle to extract blood. He did the same for a smaller cricket, taking just a small bit, "You see. The blood volume has to be the same in size and portion."

Deum slipped out another vile, emptying the blood portions into the glass and mixing, only to extract all of it into a needle. Fingers reached in after placing the snake back in and retrieved the mouse, injecting it. Soon after it was already twitching. He dropped the mouse into the cage, closing the lid. Fingers picked up the cricket and crushed it between two fingers, watching the insides burst slightly.

Deltia widened his eyes slowly at the mouse charging towards the other side of the cage, bashing its way against the other side to get to the snake. Deum shifted the top portion up, making two cages into one. The mouse quickened in breath, charging the snake. No sooner did the mouse reach the snake, did the venomous creature snap around the mouse and ended its life.

Deum slowly picked up the knife, resting it against his hand, "Injection is twice as fast, though I'm sure by now it's already made its way into your system. Whoever's blood is more in the mixture become the target, even if the body doesn't want to. And whoever's blood is less is the trigger. Understand."

Leicon swallowed faintly, biting his lip, "So, if you bleed right now, Deltia will suddenly want my blood?"

Deum pushed the knife against his hand, smirking faintly, "Yes, fox."

Deltia twitched faintly, sinking against the wall, "Don't."

The magician closed his eyes with a small laugh and dragged the knife down his hand, blood shifting down in a trickle over his wrist, "Ordering me around?"

Deltia hunched down into a squat and covered his nose, already smelling Deum's blood. His blood was rushing, pumping through his system, his body tensing and twitching under the smell. It was not Deum's blood that he wanted. His eyes shifted over toward Leicon staring at him, waving him away when he tried to approach towards the middle at the only bars that were keeping him from getting to get, "Get away. Get away."

Leicon drooped his ears, stepping closer, "Koishii?"

Deltia's eyes slit in pure lust over his blood. No wonder he was forbidden to heal his hand. His fangs were already tearing into his bottom lip, teeth clenched so hard his gums were bleeding. He didn't want to hurt Leicon. He didn't want to hurt him.

You do. You can smell it. Isn't it… lovely? Deltia heard the feline almost purring voice in his head.

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!!!"

Leicon whimpered faintly, "Koishii? Are you okay?"

You want it. Take it!


Leicon gripped his head, backing up like told to just in time as Deltia rushed the bars, claws tearing in the air with a low frenzied growl. The bars were already groaning in protest each time Deltia slammed against them, not even realizing the bruises Leicon saw Deltia creating to his own body, "Stop it koishii. Stop it!"

I told you not to get close. See how much he wants to hurt you? Leicon heard the low yet very distant voice as if it was in the air and not in his head.

Deum's shifted his fingers back at the lever, slowly pushing weight on it, "Turn into your Youkai, kitty." Deltia was all too quickly to obey. The groan of bars and the screaming of Leicon's voice all ended the minute the center bars came up. A deafening noise and the splatter of blood sounded after the crank of levers. The steady growl muffled into a frenzied purr. Deum watched the spectacle of two lovers caught in a death trap. The snake was just finishing with the tail disappearing into the mouse, swallowing it whole.

The only noise one would hear was the haunting enjoyment of Deum's laugh.