Too Many; Too Much

Too many hopes—too many hopes

They can soar so high

But when one can not cope

They then must learn to fly


Too many dreams—too many dreams

All brokenly left unfulfilled

When you lose your sanity—just scream

Then slowly—slowly start to rebuild


Too much pain—too much pain

One's heart can not take this

Stand beneath the pouring rain

And recall the happy reminiscence


Too much stillness—too much stillness

Tension so solid; tension so thick

Leaving one a wrecked mess

Just thinking about it leaves me sick


Too many concerns—too many concerns

Drowning one in a sea of regret

One won't know which way to turn

Please don't fret—don't fret


Too many tears—too many tears

But they will fall no longer

For too long I've hidden my fears

Now, I shall grow stronger