A descriptive essay (about any soda) I had to do for L.A./writing class. I know there might be too many adjectives in some areas, but my teacher is grading this on the "descriptive-ness", so yes xP Just thought I'd post this here. Reviews are appreciated.

Nalini is one of meh best friends in case you were wondering.

"Cherry Coke"

My fingertips were numb from grasping the smooth Cherry Coke can. I shook it vigorously, hearing the liquid inside crash angrily onto its metal cage. Nalini was standing next to me, waiting with bated breath. Her dark eyes widened as I gently touched the unopened can top.

"Steph, I really think you shouldn't-"

I ignored my friend's anxious words and with a quick turn of my fingers, the can top snapped open with a resounding pop.

Faint screams echoed in the distance as I stared dumbly at the foamy liquid that was literally pouring out of the opening and onto my frigid fingers. The transparent liquid felt soft and cool, almost soothing. I lifted the can to my mouth and took a small sip. My inner mouth suddenly exploded in tangy sweetness and spice as I choked, gasping for air. I breathed in the strongly scented aroma of fresh cherry and crisp coke as I took another gulp of the refreshing, if not thrilling drink.

The Coke's angry hisses and pops soon died down to a faint sizzle. My fingers were now sticky and damp from the previously spilled Coke.

I chucked the empty can into the garbage can and heard a loud clang as metal met metal. Nalini silently handed me a clear napkin and I wiped my mouth clean.

When I removed the napkin from my mouth, a sly grin could be seen, almost as if it were saying, "Now you try."