Wish I could come right out and tell you,

How I feel about you, baby,

But I'm too shy.

You make me so nervous,

My thoughts run together,

And I can't talk right.

Each time I hear your voice,

I silently rejoice.

I've been quiet for too long,

Finally gotta tell you,

Can't keep it inside.

Do you see that,

Baby, I love you?

I wanna yell it worldwide.



Yell it worldwide!

Do you wish that I had taken the plunge,

Said I love you sooner,

The way I do, baby?

If I were to hold you,

Would you tell me that you need me,

Yes, no, maybe?

You're smile, bright as a sunbeam,

Makes me want to scream...

You finally need to hear,

I really wanna tell you,

Can't keep it inside.

I pray you see that,

Honey, I love you.

I wanna shout it worldwide.

I need you tell you,

I think it's time,

Can't keep it inside.

You need to know that,

Darling, I love you.

I'm gonna shout it worldwide.



Gonna shout it worldwide!

NOTE: Ok, so this is the first real song I've ever written, and I'm really sorry if it sucks. I've never done this before, so bear with me a little bit. :) R&R PLEASE!!!!!!!!