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The Audience...

A One-Act Play Written by

T.J. Scott

Cast Of Characters

Aidin: Aidin is currently in an insane asylum because he is diagnosed as a severe schizophrenic. He believes he sees a group of people always watching him.

Doctor Winchester: He is a doctor at this insane asylum. He has a very mature and calm stature.

Nurse Joy: Cheerful and loves to work to help people.

Jamie: Another patient diagnosed with split personalities always talking to herself.

Nia: An older twenties looking girl has tried to commit suicide involving drugs on several accounts. She often has very strong makeup on.

Leo: Another patient diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, he however finds nothing wrong with his condition.

Max: He is very old seeming and has a very bushy beard, he has been diagnosed as a Kleptomaniac.

Franz: He is in his early forties and believes there is a war going on and he is at a harsh training camp.

Sean: Security guard

Horatio: Another security guard

Karen and Cody: a couple seeing the show

Scene One

- Scene opens-

There is a small rolling bed in the upper left stage that has a night stand next to it. The night stand has a book on it. At center stage there are two fold up chairs facing each other at an angle.

Aidin:(Enters from stage right, he is dressed in all white and has very wide rimmed glasses. He looks to be in his younger twenties. He walks and sits down on the chair to the right. He is obviously annoyed.)

Aidin: (looks at the audience) Ah! You people follow me wherever I go! What is wrong with you? You just sit there. Now everybody thinks I am crazy because of you. ( He leans forward, almost whispering) Hey, why don't you help a guy out, hm? I mean, c'mon. All you have to do is say something so people can hear you, and know that you actually do exist. I can't make them see you, but you could be able to control who sees you. So? (Answered by silence;sighs) I hate this place. All the walls are white. All the clothes are white, and even the food is white.(pause) So why don't you help me out please. The only reason I'm in here is because of you. (He points and stands up) I mean...(There is silence for thirty seconds; he lowers his hand.) If I could make them see you. I wouldn't have to be here. So, will you help me?(pause) What is wrong with you people! Why won't you help me! You just watch me like I am an animal in a zoo! Like I am a hyperactive chimpanzee behind glass. ( He goes to the bed and starts messing up the bed sheets; throws the book on the ground knocks over a chair and making himself look like a monkey) That's what you came to see right! (He calms down some and sighs; he goes and sits at the edge of the stage, his legs swinging.) SO what is so interesting about me, hm? Why am I so special? (He stands up, and walks back and forth across this stage) Your eyes follow me. Why don't you stare at the chairs instead or the bed, maybe? Why-

(There is a knock from backstage)

Aidin: Sorry, time to cut this short. Group Session. ( He exits stage right)

Scene Two

-Scene Opens-

There are seven chairs, six out of seven filled with people. Jamie has a pigtail on one side of her head but not the other. Nia has on heavy makeup. Leo is sitting very properly. Max is looking around frequently. Franz is wearing an army helmet, and at the end there is a nurse in normal nurse attire.She is holding a clipboard. Aidin enters from stage left, and sits in the empty chair)

Nurse Joy: Hello everyone my name is Nurse Joy. I know this is your first group session, so I will be here if you have any questions, but it is your job to talk about who you are. At the end,( looks at clipboard) Aidin is it? Why don't you start.

Aidin:(nods) My name is Aidin Ethan Phillips, I'm twenty-one (pause) I am from a small town in Washington. My favorite color is purple. I hate white and I hate soda.

(Everyone looks at him like he's crazy)

Nurse joy: Um...(pause) Well. That was good Aidin. You are next Jamie.

Jamie: (mumbles to self) My name is Jamie Allen Bialistock. I am nineteen (mumbles to self again) I am from(pause) My favorite color is brown, I hate pink and I hate math.

Nurse Joy: You didn't have to answer the same questions, but that was good. Now Nia it's your turn.

Nia: (coughs, looks away from the group)

Nurse Joy: It's okay if you don't want to talk now. Leo?

Leo: My name is Leo Steven Brady. I am twenty years, six months,five days, and eleven hours old. My hobbies include alphabetizing my books and counting. My hero in life is Einstein. Also I am a proud owner of a collection of thought rocks.

Nurse Joy:(smiles) Max, your turn.

Max: (looks around paranoid) My name is Max and I like shiny things. Like this pen (pulls out pen from a jacket pocket)

Nurse Joy: Max, can I have my pen back please?

Max: (Reluctantly hands the pen back, but it slips from his grip making a rather small noise)

Franz: (Jumps out of his seat looking dazed) The Soldiers They are fighting, we must go help them!( Starts walking stage left)

Nurse Joy: (Grabs his arm gently) It's ok Franz, Max just dropped a pen.

Franz: Oh (sits down)

Nurse Joy:(sits too) Franz would you please tell us about your self.

Franz: (stands up once more and salutes to Nurse Joy) Yes Ma'am I am Officer Franz Elliot, I come from Montana I have one medal (takes a medal out of his pocket and gives it to Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy:(smiles and hands back the medal) That is very nice Franz (pauses as Franz sits down) Now I will introduce myself. My name is Joy Tyler. I grew up in southern South Dakota. Ever since I was little, I always wanted to help people. Now starting back around the circle. Aidin? Why were you sent here?

Aidin: I can see people others can't.

Nurse Joy: You mean people that aren't there.

Aidin: No people that you can't see. They are definitely there! (stands up)

Nurse Joy: (sternly) Aidin it is Jamies turn. We'll get around to you again.

Aidin: (sits down and crosses arms)

Nurse Joy: Jamie?

Jamie: ( mumbles to self) I have some one else in my head ( mumbles again)

Nurse Joy: Nia?

Nia : (coughs) got caught with drugs in highschool (coughs again) That was how it all began.

Nurse Joy: Leo?

Leo: They tell me I suffer sever obsessive compulsive disorder. The doctors say that it collides with my daily life too often. But I think there is nothing wrong with wanting things a certain way.

Nurse Joy: (grins sweetly) Of course there is not Leo. Now Max.

Max: I am here because I like shiny things.

Nurse Joy: (Silence) Franz?

Franz: (stands and salutes) I am here to undergo your strict training ma'am!

Nurse Joy: Yes. Yes, very nice. Now Aidin what were you going to say earlier.

Aidin: I was going to say that they're there, the people I mean, but you can't see them! (Stands up)

Nurse Joy: (logically) Why is that Aidin?

Aidin: (pause) because... um... It's because I ... you... uh...

Jamie: (mumbles) If life is a stage men need better lines.

Aidin: (surprised, looks at Jamie) Say that again...

Jamie: What?

Aidin: (excited) About the stage... or whatever you said...

Jamie:(mumbles) If life is a stage men need better lines.

Aidin: (looks to audience) So that's what you guys are? An Audience! That's why you won't say anything. You think it's just a show. (Everyone looks at him as though he is crazy) Ok well, Audience, this is not a show it is my life. So please help me! I beg of you. (Pause) So, you all do not believe me (looks down at the ground) Maybe the doctor can help me with this. (runs off stage left)

Nurse Joy: (runs after him)

All: (Looks at audience awkwardly)

Jamie: I read that off of a key chain once. Wasn't anything special.

Nia:( looks around coughing)

Leo: How un orderly this place is (disgusted look towards Nia) As are the people.

Max: (holding up a quarter, stroking it) Precious.

Franz: (salutes)

-Scene Ends-

Scene Three

Doctor Winchester is sitting in a comfortable chair, reading a newspaper. There is another chair across from him. He is laid back and has a nice suit on. Aidin enters from stage right... he runs to the doctor.

Aidin: Doctor Winchester, I know what my problem is! (Jumping up and down)

Doctor:( Puts down newspaper and fold it in his lap) Yes... Aidin, we already know what your problem is. You suffer from schizophrenia, you see people that aren't there.

Aidin: (Goes to other side of doctor) No. How many times do I have to tell you people. They are there! (spreads his arms) They are an audience!

Karen: (Coughs)

Aidin:(jumps again) See, See?! Didn't you hear that? (Points to karen and turns to doctor)

Doctor: What, Aidin?

Aidin: Someone in the Audience coughed!

Doctor: I didn't hear anything Aidin.

Aidin: But-But... We are on a stage... Doctor ... We are all being watched by them.

Doctor: Are you paranoid of them?

Aidin:(walks over and sits in chair) No, I mean not really, but I think they know my deepest darkest secrets.

Doctor: Do you recognize any of them?

Aidin: No...

Doctor: Have you ever thought that maybe they aren't real?

Aidin: (jumps up again) They are REAL!! Every single one of them! They think this is a show. So they won't stand up or do anything to get your attention! They think it is entertainment, they don't see that it's my life.

Doctor: Aidin, if your life really is a play, what kind of play is it?

Aidin: (walks back over to him) I don't know really. I mean... The fact that I'm a schizomophrenic could mean it's a tragedy, or maybe it's a comedy with pointless and subtle humor.

Doctor: Have you ever seen a play before when you were little?

Aidin: No

Doctor: Aidin, before I get too deep in this, I need you to understand the "Audience" isn't real.

Aidin: (going off his rocker)Of course they are Real! (Walks around stage thinking) It's just because I am different. I have a seventh sense.

Doctor: There is no such thing Aidin. Now please calm down. Come sit over here and we can talk.

Aidin: (walks to doctor, pulls him up by the shirt collar) HOW CAN I BE CALM!!! YOU, YOU STUPID DOCTOR WON'T BELIEVE ME!! SO I WILL MAKE YOU!(starts dragging him downstage, but the doctor breaks free and runs to right stage)

Doctor: Security! Horatio and Sean! ( two men enter very muscular. Aidin starts running towards the doctor but is stopped by the security guards.)

Aidin: (Calmly) Haven't you ever wondered that there could be something more? Something we as humans would have never even dreamed about?

Doctor: Yes, I have but an audience watching us is inconceivable. Aidin you must learn to cope with reality. You are living in a fantasy world.

Aidin: YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD!! (he then breaks free from the guards but then they grab his arms)

Doctor: Take him to solitary, gentlemen. (The guards drag him off)

Aidin: (as he leaves) I WILL PROVE IT!! I KNOW I WILL JUST YOU WAIT!! (They exit stage left)

Doctor: The poor man...(sighs and exits stage right)

(Lights dim, then come back up again Karen and Cody are on stage.

Karen: Wow... That was almost really convincing. I mean I really thought it was his life. What about you Cody?

Cody: Karen, its just a show. Just a play by someone to entertain. That's all.

Karen: (looks at Cody) But... You never know.