Now here's a place I haven't seen before. But I know I've been here. I can feel it. It is so familiar to my mind but not my skin. What have I done here?

I look around and my eyes are fixed upon the only object in the empty room, a rocking chair. It slowly rocked back and forth as if someone had been sitting on it for quite a long time, but had just left.

Right next to the chair was a door. It was just an ordinary door, but there is not a set definition for the word "ordinary."

My curiosity took the better of me and I walked to the door. I was not cautious; I was anxious. Maybe there is another room behind the door. Maybe it leads outside. Maybe it leads inside.

I gripped the golden knob and turned it.

It was locked.

I remain silent and wonder. I don't even know how I got here. I look behind me and realize that there is no entrance.

I am not scared.

I am not confused.

I am only finding myself becoming more accustomed to this place.

I feel the blood rush from my head to my feet to my hands to my heart. Suddenly everything begins to make sense.

I know where I am.

I know why I'm here.

I walk over to the rocking chair and I sit on it. My hands are clinging onto the arm rests and I begin rocking the chair. I look around the empty room right now and the walls start to change colors.

I see every color known to man.

I see every color unknown to man.

I hear a wondrous melody and it creates a smile on my face. My skin feels a cool breeze and I close my eyes to take in the emotions.

The door opened when I closed my eyes. I opened them and looked at the person standing in front of the door.

He was old, pale, and had a beard. He was pale and looked like he was ready to die.

We did not speak. He only came closer to me to hand me a key. I held it in my left hand and continued rocking on the chair. He turned around and left, closing the door.

I closed my eyes.

A few seconds later, I opened them, and I saw a young girl in the room. She ran to the door and turned the knob. The door opened and she ran into the light. It closed itself.

"Sweet dreams," I said. I closed my eyes, waiting for the next dreamer to come into the room.