Forgive me beauty,

for not accepting you

when your arms

wide open welcomed me.

I declined and

sealed my lips with blood;

my own shed in pain.

Forget me dreams.

I give up on you daily,

for never can I

lock my past away

and mistakes I have

made so many,

so, so, many things I regret.

Forbid me love.

Far away or near,

you are just out of reach

and I will never give

in to you again,

you only give pain

to your victims,

willing or not.

Forbear me sweet addiction.

You and I, while best friends,

must part; else I'll lose

once again who I am

finding in my shadows

that I left behind.

Forbade me old soul.

Hiding in my not

so innocent mind,

unmentionables taunt me,

thrown about

carelessly forgotten.

Foresee me loneliness.

I am free bait.

Take me, hate me,

but tell me the truth.

Too long it has

been masked in emptiness.

Forsake me darkness.

You hide unseen while I

repeatedly fall

into your grasp.

I can but hope that I

am not blind forever.

Forswear me never-land.

I have abandoned any

hope of reaching you,

for my forlorn hope

leaves me noting

but numb emptiness.

Welcome me shadows.

I bask in your sweet arms.

You cradle me gently.

I exhale my secrets.

You whisper me lies.

Forevermore I am in a

sweet embrace with

the nothing I have created.

Accepted by you

I wait for the end to

come meet me.

I am yours- I let go.