I bask in your sweet embrace.

I exhale my secrets while you whisper,

To me you whisper my sweet lies.

My grey eyes gaze into your black ness.

You see me like no one else.

I am free while I wander in your mind.

I shyly hide in your shadow, safe for always.

You have drowned my will to escape.

You weaved tales that I cannot run from.

You have broken any resistance I build.

I am forced to deceive yet I am fine.

My life is no more a lie than it was before.

I am free here, because here,

No one can see me but you.

Yours are the only arms I feel

Encircling me in a sweet haven.

My fire is quenched by your ice.

No longer must I fight for my life.

I must but wander back to you.

You are my safe word.

You have but to call me

And I will answer always.

I have given in to your completely.

I am yours.