Never Knew Love Like This Before

Chapter 1: My Favorite Accident

"Shoooooot…," I let out in complete depression.

"Chill Sam. You're only having dinner. It's only gonna take an hour or two! And besides, dinner's in a hotel. Who knows what kind of luxurious food there will be there."

With that, Kim sat back in her couch and resumed texting her present boyfriend, Aaron Donelly Huffman, a hot jock…according to Kim. But for me, nah… He just looks average.

Yup, my best friend, Kimberlee Ann Anderson, and I have different tastes in guys. Oh well, who cares anyway? We're best friends for life!

Eew… I sounded so preppy when I said that.

"Kim, you do realize that I'm going to be in a dinner party full of anonymous people, right? And those people aren't even young, they're middle-aged!" I blurted out in frustration.

Oh my god. Seriously.

I can't believe I have to attend a dinner party just because my parents are somehow related to the event. Heck, I didn't even bother asking them why they were invited. But the important thing is why I have to follow them. I mean, what exactly am I going to do in a party with no teenagers?

I wouldn't be so against the whole 'going to the party' thing if there were gonna be people like me, you know, high school seniors. But sadly, I highly doubt that highschoolers would appear there. Why? It's called intuition!

No honestly, I asked my parents and they admitted that it was more of a party for adults. A formal party. Gah!

"Sam! Come on! It's not like you would actually talk to people your age even if they're there," Kim sighed, rolling her eyes.

Damn, she knows that I'm not the socializing type.

"But still… It's better if there is…," I murmured hopelessly as I dropped onto Kim's bed and groaned.

Suddenly, Kim faced me and widened her eyes.

"Are you being so sulky about this whole thing because you might not meet any hot guy there when you're gonna be all dressed up?" she asked, raising her eyebrow and coyly smiling.

. . . No! I did not feel that way!

Come to think of it, maybe a bit. But just a bit! Oh, but I'm never admitting that to Kim.

I remained still, wearing a straight face.

"Sam, don't even think of lying to me. I can read your mind," she bluntly said.

Damn! I can only stay silent.

"Cheer up, Sam. If you're lucky, you might end up seeing or even meeting a sexy boy," she continued, giving me a smirk.

Aww… Nice way of consoling someone. I'm in my sarcastic mood right now.

"I appreciate your words," I grumbled with mockery toned in every word.

"Don't be mean! I was only trying to help," Kim pointed out as she pouted.

I nodded. "Yup, you so helped."

"What? Does your sarcasm mean that you don't find my words consoling? Perhaps because you don't want to meet a sexy boy but Drake instead?" she inquired suspiciously as she tried to read my mind.

She had to remind me of that jerk…again. Every time I hear his name, I swear I twitch.

Drake Alexander Watson… Uh… Well, I liked him for four years but he never showed any affection. Well, I thought he did but all that he did was out of friendliness. How did I find that out? Ahem, Kim told him that I liked him! And so, he has been ignoring me ever since. He never once looked my way and he never, not even once, said hi to me!

He was so different before. He would always put his arm around my shoulders and joke around with me but now, never mind. I don't even want to think about it. I find it incredibly stupid to lament over a guy.

But honestly, what's up with his stuck-up attitude? He still thinks I like him! Curse him and his big, fat ego. God, I get mad whenever I think of him.

"Well?" Kim interrupted my thoughts.

"I thought I told you that I was over Drake," I replied bitterly.

"Sam…," she started in a gentle voice, "I know you hate to hear this but I'm not so convinced that you're over him. You always turn stiff when anyone brings up his name and the fact that both of you never talk to each other show that you didn't forget him. If you did, you guys would have been friends again a long time ago and you wouldn't feel so bitter about him."

"Look Kim, I am over him. See? I'm not crying because of him anymore. And I don't turn stiff or anything. That's just plain stupid. Why would I react to someone who's completely worthless and despicable?" I retorted coldly.

Kim heaved a sigh and shook her head, "There! You hate him which means that you're not over him. Sam, I know what a bastard Drake was but I can assure you that he regrets all his past actions towards you. So, don't… don't be mad at him anymore."

"Can we just forget that we ever talked about him?" I said in an agitated voice.

She nodded in return and mumbled, "Alright, but I want you to know that if you forgive him, he'll come back to be with you."

"Riiight… Maybe in a million years."

"Sam…," Kim started with a tinge of worry lingering in her voice.

I stopped her from speaking and said, "Scratch what I last said. It's only going to make this hopeless conversation go longer and worsen my day."

I heaved a sigh as I stood behind my parents who were greeting other guests in the dinner party. I occasionally smiled at those who glanced my way and tried my best to appear courteous… which was hard, considering my sulky mood.

I turned sideways and came face to face with my reflection in the huge window that showed the view of the entire city. I hauled yet another sigh and wore a forced smile.

At least I was wearing a pretty outfit…

Unlike other women who wore cocktail dresses or slacks and a formal top, I wore a dark blue turtleneck, a black, pleated velvet skirt with a belt hung around my pelvis and a pair of black high-heeled shoes. Absolutely beautiful. On top of that, I curled my hair and wore a pair of dangling earrings which I recently bought at the mall.

Sadly though, there was no one here who could actually goggle at me. All of my efforts in dressing up was going to waste. How sad.

"Honey, go and take a seat. We'll join you in a minute," my mom whispered in my ear.

Nodding, I dragged my feet to a table with four chairs surrounding it. I looked around to search for a table for only three but seeing that all of them were taken, I just seated myself in the table I originally selected.

The place the dinner party was being held in was enormous. A stage in the shape of a semi-circle stood at one end where musical instruments were set up. I assumed that there would be performers later. A huge chandelier hung over the crowd as it sparkled with the yellow light that filled the place. Rows of tables set up for the buffet were located at the sides of the room. Some people were already seated on the circular tables covered with white cloths while the remaining crowd was holding conversations. I noticed that almost everyone was middle-aged. The rest were plain old.

What did I tell you? There would be no one my age.

Soon, everyone settled down onto their seats as the host of the party started talking and stuff. While my parents and the others occasionally chuckled at what the host said, I drank from my glass of water and remained spaced out.

Approximately thirty minutes since the guy or the host has been talking. I don't get why he has so much to talk about. It's a party. No one gives a speech in a party.

Just when I was about to die from boredom, I heard footsteps echoing on the marble floor. I turned to look at who they belonged to and saw a young guy enter and sit on a table which wasn't far from mine

Curious, I looked over to him and observed that he was around my age-finally, and basically, he was hot. He had long, dyed jet-black hair which was parted to one side, partially covering his eyes. As he blew off his hair from his eyes, I noticed that he had pretty green eyes. I smiled unconsciously and continued to glance at him. He had a considerably fair complexion, a straight, high nose, juicy lips- oh god, I sound so weird- and thankfully, no piercing anywhere.

As he repositioned himself, I perceived his body which seemed to be well-built. He didn't look skinny or way too muscular. It was hard to be certain because he was wearing a jacket though.

All of a sudden, his eyes fell on me- or so I thought. Feeling conscious and embarrassed, I cleared my throat and looked away. Does he have a third eye or something? I shook my head and vowed silently that I would refrain from glimpsing at him ever again but it was impossible. I just couldn't get tired of how hot he was. Basically, my eyes were attracted to him.

But it wasn't only me who was acting like an obsessed person. He was too! I caught him looking at me and sometimes, smiling at me. What can I say? I'm hot too. Hehe.

Even with my self-esteem high, I felt nervous for no reason. My heart skipped a beat and my stomach flustered. Is anything special going to happen tonight?

"So, it's not so bad coming here, isn't it Sam?" my dad asked me with humor as my family and I ate from the buffet.

I nodded and stuffed sushi in my mouth. Even though I was physically present with my parents, my mind was off to the boy's table. I swear I couldn't stop thinking of him. What made me think of him so much, I have no idea. I guess his "hotness' drove me crazy or something.

. . . Oh god. The way he takes in his food is so attractive.

Wait, what? No! What am I thinking? It's as if I'm addicted to him or something.

I tried to stop myself from staring at the boy for so long. But as I expected, I couldn't control myself. And so, I ended up gluing my eyes onto him all throughout my first serving.

I groaned.

I was supposed to be beside him when I was getting my third serving but a lot of people separated him from me in the line I was standing in. How sad. I really wanted to see him up close. Hmph… Some luck I have.

In frustration, I dumped salad and pastries on my plate in disorder. Who cares if my food looks disgusting, I can't even see the boy anyway.

"How do you plan to eat that?" I heard a young voice say in an amused and hushed tone.

Sure, I knew it wasn't an adult saying that.

In doubt, I looked up and almost fainted at the sight of the boy I had my eyes on since a while ago. He was standing right next to me as he held a plate of his own which was already filled with food that I didn't see yet.

Wait… Don't tell me he came back here just to get pastries. Why didn't he get them sooner, a while ago? Hmm…

"Uhm… Is there anything wrong?" he asked with his beautiful voice although it was hard to hear because he sort of whispered it as he took a step backward while he wore a worried expression on his face.

Oh, I guess I was staring at him without even blinking my eyes once. No wonder he seemed scared. He must have felt uncomfortable and freaked out by my actions. Oops.

"Uhm, sorry," I apologized as a blush slowly crept up to my cheeks.

And before he could see my reddened face, I walked away from him and got more food before I retreated to my table and started to eat away.

I am such a fool, I swear.

My fingers tapped the table in rhythm to the music that was being performed on stage. Couples came on to the dancing floor and of course, bopped to the music.

How boring for me. What can I do though? This is my life.

While I continued to watch people enjoy dancing, a woman approached our table and whispered something in my mom's ear. Then she went away followed by my parents who hurriedly told me that they had to go to an urgent meeting. Before I could urge to let me go with them they left me all alone.

Greeeeaaat… My parents are so nice to me.

Now I seriously had no one to talk to. I felt so left out among all these people who were laughing their heads off. I wanted to go home.

"Uh… Hello."

??? Who was that???

I practically jumped in my seat at the sudden voice. I looked up and saw for the second time that night, the guy whose eyes were on me and only on me. The beautiful, shining smile that I tried to give came out awkwardly. Schmuckle.

To cover up my embarrassment, I simply gave a wave and turned my head back to the dancing crowd. Sure, I wanted to gaze the gorgeous boy but I simply wasn't going to show that.

"Uhm… Can… Can I… sit here?" he inquired politely.

"My parents are sitting there," I replied in a deadpan manner without giving him a glance.

"You mean…were. I saw them go out a while ago and besides… there's a spare chair."

… Okay, he's more like a stalker now. When did he see my parents go out?

"Then go ahead and sit," I mumbled, trying in vain to hide my happiness.

I sensed him nod as he settled himself on a chair next to mine. For a moment, both of us seemed to ignore each other's presence. Aww, I wanted to talk to him the minute he sat down but I would have sounded awkward and just weird so I decided to just keep quiet until he spoke. I mean, he approached me so that he can talk to me, right?

"So… I'm Blake and a senior at that," the boy introduced himself as he let out his hand and gave a brief smile.

Heh… He looked so adorable with that smile.

I smiled back- only for a short while too, and said, "Sam and wow, I'm a senior too."

He let out a small chuckle and looked away to the dance floor before he gazed back at me.

"So, wanna dance?" he asked as he motioned towards the crowd who were now doing a slow dance.

Wow. He expects me to dance like that. I can never do that. It's so hard.

I shook my head and rejected him, "Uh, I can't dance. Sorry."

I would have gladly accepted his offer if I had the skills but I didn't have so I couldn't. I didn't want to commit a mistake and make a fool of myself especially in front of him.

As I thought silently, I saw or I thought I saw his face drop at my reply. Well, I couldn't help but sigh and pity him. but I really couldn't dance and I couldn't afford to destroy the poised image that I tried to show him. yes, he may be just a random boy I met and will never see again but still, for some reason, I wanted to make him think I was a girl worth liking.

This is getting dramatic…

"So you really… won't dance with me?" Blake asked quietly.

I didn't get why his voice sounded so soft… It was as if he was scared to say something to me.

"I suck at dancing," I admitted as I faced him to show that I wasn't lying.

"Same here."

"Too bad," I simply replied.

"So, let's dance," Blake urged as he gave me a slight nudge in my elbow.

Oh god, that touch sent electricity down my body. He's just so hot, I swear. But I wasn't planning to dance with him. Never will I dance.

"I cannot dance," I told him once more.

"Darlings, you should dance on a great night like this," a plump woman suggested as she passed by our table, her arm intertwined with her supposedly husband's arm.

Stunned at the sudden interruption, I faced Blake and saw him smirking.

Ignore it. That was the idea of only one woman.

"Oh my! What are you kids doing here? You should be dancing the night away!" another woman chirped happily as she tapped both our shoulders gently.

No… I didn't need another woman to force me to dance.

"I want to but I'm afraid she doesn't because she thinks she's a bad dancer," Blake said politely as he glanced at me.

Damn him. I don't think I suck at dancing, I know I do. And who was he to reply for me? He doesn't even know me! If he weren't hot, I would have murdered him by now.

"Sweetie, a pretty girl like you shouldn't sit here and waste your time. Your boyfriend wants to dance with you," the woman insisted.

Now I'm the bad person?! And hold on- since when was Blake my boyfriend?

I like the idea actually.

"Miss, I—," I started to protest but Blake interrupted.

"It's alright, miss. I'm sure she will later," he said, smiling.

Everything would have been alright if the woman just left us. But she had to call one of her friends and together, they urged Blake and me to dance. God, didn't they have their own stuff to do? I wanted to tell them to leave already but of course, that would have been extremely rude. And so I left them alone to give their speeches regarding spending time with my 'boyfriend'.

Oh and guess what happened next?

I ended up saying sweetly, "Yes, I think I shall dance since you're advising me with your deepest concern."

After that, the women giggled happily and walked away as they saw me rise with Blake and proceed to the dance floor. How sad. I had to be threatened by those people.

Blake cleared his throat and slowly put his arms around my waist. To be honest, I felt my body shudder at his touch. Well, I couldn't help it. I wasn't used to guys touching me like this and Blake wasn't just any guy, he was a hot guy.

In response, I nervously clung my arms onto his shoulders as our heads grew nearer such that if we faced each other, our lips would have touched. Come to think of it though, how does it feel like to kiss him?

No! Bad thoughts! God, can I please not think of him that way?

Trying to ignore my secret desires, I focused on dancing.

For some time, we just remained silent and listened to the music… until I stepped on his foot.

See?! I told you that I sucked at this whole thing!

"Ow," he let out softly before he chuckled.

"I told you I couldn't dance," I grumbled, feeling embarrassed.

"You were good… Maybe you just need a little more practice," he said helpfully.

"Right… Or maybe we can stop before you get hurt," I spat, raising my eyebrow.

He sniggered.

"How about a refreshment?" Blake suggested kindly as he started to walk.

"I'd rather not," I rejected…again.

"Are you saying… that I should call the women again?" he asked as he tried to keep from laughing.

"Oh god… No," I practically begged as I let out a groan in complaint.

"Alright, I guess that means a yes to a drink," he subtly said as he led me by the hand.

… We were holding hands already… Oh god. This is paradise.

"Are you sure you can drink vodka?" the handsome man named Blake asked me as he eyed me with concern.

Of course not! I never drank vodka… The only reason I was drinking this was because you were!

"You can… so why can't I?" I lied as I held a shot of vodka in my hand while I took in the breathtaking view of the city that we could see from the balcony.

"Your parents allow you?" he asked, his voice bringing me back to his side.

I heard surprise in his voice. How'd he know that my parents prohibited me from drinking? Oh, now that I think about it, I guess all parents forbid their children from doing so. How stupid.

"They won't mind. Do yours allow you?" I lied again as I inhaled and took a gulp of my drink before he found out about my deceit.

. . . Not really what I wanted it to taste like. In fact, I hated it.

But of course, I wasn't going to admit that. Otherwise, Blake would have thought that I was like some kiddie who couldn't even take alcohol like he could and that would make him dislike me. At least, for tonight, I wanted to be his girl.

What the fudge? I think I might be drunk already.

"Absolutely. They don't give a damn about me," he replied solemnly as he stared at his drink before drinking most of it.

"Oh… Sorry to hear that."

"If you are, finish your drink before I take it from you and become tipsy," he snorted and placed his empty glass… somewhere.

I nodded smiling and closing my eyes, I gulped down the rest of my alcoholic drink. Oh god. Well that is a first. I felt… dizzy. My head was starting to spin slowly and everything seemed to be in slow motion. I saw Blake's face turn blurry with every second passing. But he still looked so handsome and gorgeous.

Oh wow, nice things alcohol can make me say.

"You okay?" Blake asked, worried as he supported me from falling.

I nodded and gave off a goofy grin.

"Of course, I'm fine. Vodka….can't…make me…drunk," I slurred and smiled sheepishly.

"Oh god, you are drunk. What will I do with you?" he said- to himself. Just then, I think I saw a troubled look on his face.

Kiss me, that's what you should do.

I saw Blake meet my eyes with a stunned expression.

Fudge, did I just say that aloud? Damn, I think I did. And I'm not even drunk yet!

"Do you mean that?" he asked unexpectedly.

Of course I do. Kiss me to death.

Chuckling, he mumbled, "Okay… You are drunk."

I said that aloud… again. Why the hell am I drunk? It was just vodka for goddamn sake!

"Apparently, you're an amateur in drinking. You've got a very low tolerance," Blake answered for me as he cocked one of his eyebrows and started to help me walk out of the balcony and to the party.

"No…," I protested.


"I said kiss me," I commanded as I circled my arms around his neck and gave him a seductive look.

Wow. This isn't even me anymore. This is actually the first time I made a move as dangerous as this one on a guy.

"You are drunk. Come on, nobody means things when-"

Yes. I cut him off… with my lips.

And slowly, I felt him respond to my kiss. He ran his hands down my back which gave me shudders. Then, he kissed me more aggressively as he pushed me to the wall. I moved my hands to feel his body and found them more well-built than I thought it was before.

Oh god… Pray that this isn't a dream. This is paradise.

And to add to my ecstasy, our kiss became a make-out session as time gradually passed.

Oh… and mind you, you do not want to know the details.

A/N: Okay, so I revised this chapter… The whole thing because the original one sounded too awkward and bad. I hope that this was better.