Chapter 21: Break Up to Make Up/ This I Promise You

"Nath!" I yelped out in surprise at seeing him approach Drake and me but Nath didn't even bother to wave at me. Instead, he took long strides towards Drake and glared at him. Drake looked back, neither a glower nor a smile imprinted on his face. But despite the apathy he was trying to show, I could see how nervous and afraid he was of my brother. He kept fiddling his hands like crazy and rubbed his hands against his pants, probably because he was sweating. What a loser.

"I thought I told you-," Nath took one look at me before he stopped talking. "Go home," he hissed to Drake instead and shoved him roughly before taking my hand and leading me out of the park. I followed silently and took a glance at my brother who looked pissed. I remained quiet and decided not to blow up on him about Blake just yet. I knew better that to add coal to the fire.

"Do you really have to like Drake?" Nath asked me all of a sudden, annoyance hinted in his voice. He wasn't looking at me but I could tell that he was trying to see how I reacted to this random question.

"I don't," I replied monotonously and listened to my footsteps resounding on the cement ground. It was true. I hated the guy so much that I didn't care if Nath beat him up or something.

"Good. Coz' I don't like him." Oh wow. "What was it about Blake that you told Drake?" I changed the subject quickly, hoping that Nath would be caught off-guard and answer without hesitation. I prayed silently that he wouldn't blow up but give me some helpful reply. However, he only took a cursory look at me and waved his hand at me as if he were shaking my words away. He's making me feel inferior again.

"What was it?" I began to pester him and nudged him on the ribs several times before he finally faced me and adamantly refused to speak. He continued to walk forward but I stayed behind and raised my voice loud enough for him to hear.

"Why not?! Because it's a lie?" I accused and turned bitter. I didn't like my brother being mean to Blake. Nath ceased his footsteps and stood still for a moment before he turned to face me, a few meters between us. Despite the dimness of the night, he looked austere and well, a bit mad. He had his hands in his pockets and I wouldn't have been surprised if his hands were formed into fists. It seemed like I had hit the limit of Nathaniel Thomas Hayes. He was now going to explode any second. Bull.

Taking large steps, Nath paced towards me and looked down with a grim face. "He's a player, okay? And he's just some horny bastard so stop messing with him. Got that?" he said in a strident voice and walked ahead of me, leaving me alone in the middle of the street. I was sort of paralyzed by how and what he had said. He looked really serious when he said those things about Blake. His eyebrows furrowed, his eyes looked like they were on fire, his mouth never curved up into a smile, and his temples were popping out and the fact that his voice sounded so harsh scared me. He really despised Blake.

"Off to skating land! Oh yeah!!!" Erika screamed in glee as she waved her hands wildly over her head and slapped my back. I couldn't believe how excited she was over our whole group going to this indoor skating rink. But the sad thing about it was that I had to go as well. My friends well knew that I hated the sport or activity but they just couldn't leave me alone to stay in my house.

But despite my hatred for that sports activity, I vividly remembered the last time I went skating with Blake. It was before the New Year's party and well, a lot of things happened that day. We fell…Blake wounded his finger and I sort of healed it…I felt him kiss my forehead and he almost kissed my lips as well. I closed my eyes to replay all those memories when I felt an empty feeling hovering in my chest. It's been so long since I've talked to him.

I knew…I missed him.

"Come on!" Erika disrupted my thoughts and dragged me with her to get our skates and all the necessary equipment. Groaning, I helplessly followed her and grabbed whatever she wanted me to get. After that, we sat by a bench and prepared to skate while the others were still finding the things they wanted. I took off my chucks and took hold of one of the skates. Heavy, I thought as I pushed my foot through it and tightened those…laces or attachments, whatever you call them.

When I was finally done with the preparations, I leaned back against the bench and waited for the rest of the group to finish what they were doing. My eyes roamed all around the skating rink, having a tint of hope that I would see Blake here. I spotted some people from our school but no, there was no Blake. I felt my face drop at this sight and heaved a heavy sigh. I knew I wouldn't be able to talk to him even if I did see him here but I wanted to take a glimpse at him at least. Argh. I didn't want to feel depressed at something so shallow like this. I turned my attention to my friends instead, especially Carla…if she was even my friend in the first place.

She seemed to be having a rather hard time tying those shoelaces and I couldn't help but smirk at her. It was my joy to see her suffer and my anger to watch her be happy especially when she was near Blake. Holy, I couldn't believe how childish I was being about this whole thing.

"Let's go!" Bea urged this time and pulled me from the bench. Wavering slightly, I barely managed to stand up and clung on to her arm. She rolled her eyes at this and smoothly slid her way to the entrance of the rink with such professional speed that I almost slipped and landed on my butt. I glared at Bea but she only gave a mischievous smile and leaving me to hang on to the railings for my dear life, she sped away to the center of the rink and spun around like a figure skater. I winced at my incompetence to be like her and watched as some of my other friends like Erika and Klaus passed by me with a gesture to follow. Ignoring them, I decided to wait for Carla since she was probably as mediocre as I was in skating. I know, I know, I hate her but I didn't want to be alone.

Soon, enough, she came and like I expected, she could barely balance herself. Gripping her hands onto the railing, she made her way towards me. A laugh escaped my lips when I saw her nearly slip but I soon regretted doing so when her 'boyfriend' showed up behind her. What the heck…Why did he always have to appear at the wrong time?

"Hey." Blake nodded towards me and skated his way over to me faster than Carla did. In fact, she was still at least a meter away from me while the other stood right in front of me. I felt awkward being stuck between a couple which I did not like. And it wasn't like I could escape from them because I freaking sucked at skating. I'd probably trip if I tried to do so.

"Blake hun, you're here!" Carla shrieked in glee as she literally threw herself into his arms. He barely managed to catch her and I noticed him wince at this. What a bad actor. Obviously, if I weren't here right now, they'd be flying with joy. I looked away from them in disgust and spotted my other friends not so far away from me. Hallelujah for that! I could easily go to them by holding onto the railing.

"How'd you know I was here?" I heard Carla squeak and I rolled my eyes. Putting forth my plan, I took small steps and moved myself slowly…ever so slowly.

"Where are you going?" Blake asked. One moment, he was hugging Carla and now, he was standing in front of me. I hate to admit but I really do admire his skating abilities.

"To my friends, where else?" I replied coldly and moved another step but Blake blocked my way. I stood still for a minute or so. I couldn't understand why he was being so annoyingly strange. Why the hell did he bother wasting his time with me when he could be snuggling with Carla instead?

"Do you mind?" I shot a glare at him but he didn't budge an inch. He stared down at me with those adorable eyes. Honestly, he looked pretty determined about something but of course, I couldn't tell what. With his cringed eyebrows, those green eyes and set apart lips, I felt another shudder go down my back. The things he makes me feel…

Drake was right after all. I was falling for the guy in front of me.

I softened at seeing Blake's face and so did he. We stood there, simply gazing at each other. What happened to Carla, I did not know…nor did I care. It felt like only Blake and I existed in this place.

"You…want to skate?" he spoke gently and cleared his throat awkwardly. I mentally smiled at him but I couldn't bring myself to grin at him because of what happened between him and Carla yesterday. Moreover, I only realized that one of them could have noticed me banging the door which wasn't a good thing at all. In fact, it was pretty much embarrassing.

I felt frustrated about myself again. I made a face to myself and taking a glance at Blake who remained standing, waiting for my reply, I decided that it was better to reject him. As much as I had a hidden desire to spend all my time with him, my instinct told me that all would go wrong especially with Carla just a few meters away from us.

"What about her?" I brought up, shooting a glance towards where Carla probably was.

Giving a small frown, he pursed his lips and bluntly said, "What does she have to do with us?" I was surprised. More than surprised even. Tilting my head, I wondered if he really said that. He sounded a bit harsh, but not mean towards me, but Carla as if she were some stranger.

"But isn't she your girl-"

"Blake hun!" Carla screamed, her voice going an octave higher, totally murdering my eardrums. "Can you come over here? I can't skate…" I groaned and for one moment, I thought that the ice was going to crack because of her pitch. Argh, but more importantly, she completely ruined everything. Just when Blake was going to clarify some things, she had to destroy the moment.

I looked up at Blake with an unhappy face that I could not hide but he only gazed back. Wasn't he going to Carla? Raising an eyebrow, I continued staring to see him shrug. What the heck was going on?

"Aren't you going? Your girlfriend is calling you," I mumbled, emphasizing on the word 'girlfriend'. Honestly, I felt awfully pissed right now. I was going to leave this place and get home before these two lovebirds, Blake and Carla, could do some skating romance or whatsoever.

Blake shook his head. "Naw, she'll be fine alone," he uttered in an amused voice and gestured towards Carla's direction, "See? She's managing pretty well, don't you think?"

Curious, I turned my back to find her having an absolutely difficult time coping with herself. She leaned herself against the cold railing and I could see her chest rise up and down, probably from tiredness. Whining and groaning, she let out a short, shrill holler every time her feet slid on the ice floor. Remembering Blake's words that she was doing just fine, I laughed out loud. Hell yeah, she was doing so well by herself, I thought sarcastically and voiced it out.

Blake broke into a chuckle and refused to help her out still. "It's nice to see you laugh," he said instead.

Hearing him say this, I immediately stiffened and looked at him straight in the eyes although it was hard. He gazed back calmly, obviously not feeling the same way I did. A smirk crept up his face and I knew that he could see my heart trying to beat out of my chest. My blush grew redder with more self-consciousness and Blake's stare wasn't doing any good in alleviating this feeling.

"She's not my girlfriend…if that's what you wanted to ask me just seconds ago."

A pang of relief spread through me as all the tension on my face broke free, simply at Blake's words. My lips curled up into a grin which he caught right away. I thought I saw a twinkle in his eyes back then but being too busy trying to control my own emotions, I dismissed it.

"Well then…Do you want to skate…with me?"

Was I imagining this? If I didn't hear him wrong, Blake had just asked me with the utmost gentleness that seemed to make me swoon over him. I stood in a stationary posture for a second as I tried to figure out his motive in doing this to me, in making me fall in love with him. Before I could answer, he held my hand. His body warmth immediately seeped through me and I felt heat rise on my cheeks.

Blake smirked; he had noticed my reaction to his touch. This was embarrassing.

"If I'm not mistaken about the way girls usually behave, the reason you're so red right now is because you're shy, am I right?" Blake returned to his all-knowing, arrogant self and stared at me like he always did. His green eyes bore into me and I felt like he could read what was on my mind.

"N-n-no," I stammered my abrupt answer and broke away from his gaze, pretending to look somewhere else. But from the corner of my eye, I continued to watch him but I didn't see his sudden movement. He pulled me towards him and wrapped his strong, thick arms around me. He was hugging me.

My face reached the limit and it turned crimson red as all the blood in my body concentrated on my cheeks. Not only did Blake's body heat keep me warm but also did my own body temperature which rose at least a hundred degrees higher after…this. I gasped in surprise but remained still; I didn't want to push him away. I realized a second too late that my friends and everyone else in this rink would be staring at us with their mouths hanging wide open. But again, I didn't care. All that I desired right now was this.

"And…you're not moving away from me because you like this…," Blake whispered in my ear as his hands wrapped tighter around my waist. How'd he know all this so well? Was he…experienced? So then, did that mean that all the rumors about him were true?

I remained silent and pondered upon these painful thoughts. It hurt me to think that someone like him could be a disgusting, hormone-driven teenager.

Suddenly, his hold on me weakened and a wave of disappointment rushed through me. Pulling me back, he narrowed his eyes and stared at me intensely as if he were trying to read my mind. I felt self-conscious all of a sudden and I wished to go back home where Blake couldn't make me feel like this. As if he heard what I was thinking, his eyes moved away from my face and then, he completely let go of me except his hand which remained on my arm to keep me balanced so that I wouldn't fall. At once, I missed his touch. It felt like he had feelings for me when he held me that way. But now that he had released me, sadness filled me in…the sadness arising from the fact that he didn't like me the way I did.

But soon enough, that disappointed feeling flew away to wonderland when Blake looked at me with his eyes full of amusement. A smile crept up my lips as my eyes followed him and his enticed me. A warm, fuzzy feeling filled me up. Slowly, he released his hold on me, leaving me momentarily panicking. He then, circled me around with graceful movements as I turned around to look at him. That moment was heaven. A grin remained on his lips as he continued to skate around me in a circle, only the circle grew smaller and smaller. Finally, he was within my hand's reach.

"I missed you," he whispered seductively as he stopped behind me. His head was close to my neck; I felt his steady breathing which felt warm on my neck and his hair tickled me. It was difficult to control myself from turning around to face him and kiss him right then and there.

I remained silent, not only because I didn't know what to say but also because I was too overwhelmed with happiness to open my mouth. On the other hand, Blake continued to breathe words that I could no longer understand. His words were soft and hardly audible but either way, they were good to hear. I flinched though when he moved his head closer to my neck; his hair and breath was ticklish. However, he misunderstood my action for a nod because he suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his body.

A shudder ran down my spine and my eyes grew wide in shock. Just then and there, I couldn't help but think: was this reality? I felt that my heart could beat right out of my chest in any second…

"Thank you Sam…" Blake's words went through my ears.

What in the world was he talking about, I did not have slightest idea. What did he say before?

I ignored the questions that hovered in my head. Those didn't matter right now when Blake was hugging me and this was no longer an accident. He was doing this on his own will.

Crap… That was the only word that I could think of when I entered Blake's car. What happened? Well, after the incident where Blake hugged me, he started pulling me along to his car. Obviously, I didn't have the slightest idea on where we were going; the only thing I knew was that when I 'nodded' a while ago, Blake took that as a yes to take me somewhere.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but you look…tense?" Blake said or rather, asked for the first time since we were in his car. He was driving along the highway and being seated in the passenger's seat, I looked sideways at him with the motive of finding out where we were going. However, he only looked back at me with a smile- a really gentle one- as if his arrogance never existed in him before. I smiled back automatically even if I was still completely clueless.

A few minutes passed again and I looked outside the car window only to feel stupid.

Blake was taking me home.

I clearly recognized the road leading to my house and oh, how stupid I felt, thinking that Blake was actually going to take me somewhere…nice. Briefly raising my eyebrows, I mentally sighed at my still alive fantasies.

5…4…3…2…1…Blake's car stopped to a halt by my house and without thinking twice, I waved goodbye to Blake and exited the car. I felt embarrassed that I acted strangely in Blake's car only because I missed what had happened earlier. Just then, I heard him call my name. On instinct, I turned around and found him standing by the hood of his car.

"Don't forget, I'm picking you up at six," Blake reminded me and smirked before he gestured towards me to go inside with a motion of his hand and he, himself, got inside his car.

Right, I mentally told myself and praised the Lord for telling Blake to tell me at least those few yet important words.

Feeling nervous yet bummed out, I played with the remote control of the television as I continuously changed the channels and tried to catch on a nice show. I slid further down the sofa in the living room in my house and glanced at the clock that hung on the wall. It was only 5:55 in the evening. That really sucked. That meant at least five more minutes until Blake would come and save me from this misery of boredom.

"I love you."

My eyes snapped open at those words. I knew it was a male voice who mouthed them but I couldn't place the owner of the voice. I straightened up my back from the former position I was in and looked around. Finally, my eyes settled on the electric appliance a few meters away from me.

Of course…The television. What was I thinking?

Pissed at getting shocked over nothing, I turned off the television with a click of the remote and threw the latter object on the sofa in frustration. I knew that in my mind, I wished that someone had spoken those words…to me. God…

I heard a car skid to a stop and I literally whispered a hallelujah. I knew whose car it was obviously. After all, I had ridden it for such a long time that it felt like it belonged to me as well. Forgetting everything that happened earlier, I smiled to myself and stood up to gather my jacket and cellphone. Afterwards, I rushed to the door without informing my mom of my evening plans since I told her that a few hours earlier.

Hearing the doorbell ring just before I got to twist the doorknob and open the door, I hurried outside only to bump straight into Blake's chest. My face grew red and hot at the unexpected interaction but this grew worse when my eyes came upon his appearance. Blake was dressed up simply in a zipped up black denim jacket and dark jeans. His hair was flipped to one side as usual but I never failed to swoon over it.

"Woah…Over-excited," Blake teased as he grabbed me by the shoulders to keep me from falling into him. For once, I didn't like what he was doing because if he had just let me be, I might have been enveloped in his arms right now.

Growling, I slapped away his hands and proceeded to his car but Blake jogged behind me and patted my hat-covered head. Either way, I remained keeping my cold composure. When I finally reached the passenger side of Blake's car though, I turned my face towards Blake to give him a smirk before I entered his car but my plan backfired.

"Cheesy, I know but this was the best thing I could think of," Blake mumbled shyly as his hand held out to me a single red rose wrapped in a flowery-patterned plastic. The rose glistened beautifully under the streetlight that stood above us. I stood mesmerized not only at the beauty of the flower but also at the fact that Blake was doing such a cheesy thing that seemed so sweet to me. The day or rather, night, was getting better and better.

"Wow…Thanks a lot," I whispered. My voice couldn't be projected clearly, thanks to the shock that came onto me and only wore off a few seconds ago. My hand reached for the rose and when it did, it came in contact with Blake's hand…which felt warm and good against my skin.

As dramatic as it may seem, I fell into a reverie about all the times I spent with the guy in front of me. From our first meeting to the next, to the tutorial sessions and to the stories that I heard about him… Instinctively, I pulled the rose towards me such that Blake had to let go of the flower if he didn't want to fall into me which would be a bad idea. I held the rose close to my chest and looked at Blake like he was looking at me but the only thought that occupied my mind was the thing that so many people said about him. But looking at his face, I pushed the thought to the back of my head and believed it to be a lie.

His eyes appeared to be so kind and gentle…And the way he looked at me was something to die for. As cliché as this may sound as well, I was falling into his eyes…and I hated myself for it. But as seconds passed by, I realized that the atmosphere was way too awkward. After all, we were just standing outside in a cold weather for a rather long time with Blake's car engine still growling in patience.

I cleared my throat and what I did broke off the mood that was settling in on Blake and me. Blake broke the eye contact and pretended to look somewhere else. He then, opened the passenger door to his car and managed to put on a shy smile. Following suit, I entered and after he closed the door, he jogged his way to his side.

"So…where are we going?" I asked and looked out the window to obtain some kind of clue but it was unsuccessful…and so was my question to Blake who turned on the radio instead of answering me.

"We're just gonna have some dinner, that's all," Blake said in an amused voice. Curious and frustrated at the same time, I pursed my lips upward and stared forward at the windshield. The sky was really dark tonight and the streetlights standing by the side of the road were the only lights aside from the headlights of the cars. Looking outside, I felt my curiosity grow larger. We were along a peaceful road bordered by bare trees that were starting to show some signs of blooming.

I was unfamiliar to this place. Thus, I continued observing the surroundings until Blake pulled the car to a stop by a park.

"Let's get off here," Blake announced and shut off the engine. Afterwards, he smiled at me before he opened his door and exited. Dazed at exactly where we were going, I just sat still for a whole minute as I stared into space until Blake knocked on the glass window on my side and opened the door.

He wore a puzzled look on his face and looked at me strangely.

"You okay?" he asked and fixed his stare on me permanently. Awkward.

"Sure…I…am," I replied without conviction, roaming my eyes away from Blake.

I knew that he didn't believe me but despite what I thought, he made way for me to go out. I did as he wanted me to and after closing the door, he locked his car with a simple beep from his car remote.

"So where exactly are we off to?" I rephrased my question from a while ago and emphasized on the word 'exactly' just so that he'd know I wanted a specific answer but Blake remained silent as if he never heard me. Feeling awkward but not wanting to ask again for some reason, I thrust my hands in the pockets of my jacket and just watched him busy himself as he shifted the huge backpack he was carrying.

"Up there," he finally replied satisfactorily for the first time today as he pointed towards the park. From here, it looked more like hills instead of flat land covered with trees and plants. Blake and I stood near the entrance of the park which was simply a gap between bare bushes that were starting to grow leaves. The open space led to a pathway bordered by trees and plants which were like the others, empty. Either way though, they gave the park a romantic feeling that sent goosebumps down my skin.

My eyes roamed from around the park to Blake and he smiled. Surprised at the unexpected gesture, I blinked my eyes and forced myself to look down at my shoes. I heard Blake laugh at my foolishness and thanks to him, I was able to gain back my composure as I glared at him. But at the same time, I felt stupid for actually thinking that this guy actually had some special feelings for me.

"Let's start walking, shall we?" Blake said with feigned impatience and he took my hand with his right hand while his other hand held the full backpack filled with things I didn't know.

"Ta daaa!"

I let out a laugh and smiled at his unusual hyperactivity. He seemed to have changed so much over the past months. From the seemingly dead, unemotional, uncooperative, rude, apathetic bastard- too many adjectives, I know- he was now actually…nice, friendly, kind, funny and well…attractive.

I had already fallen for this person a long time ago, I realized. Isn't that why I no longer had such exciting emotions when I went out with Drake? Isn't that why I broke up with him? …So that I can be with Blake without feeling guilty?

I stuffed back my hands in the pockets of my jacket and felt the wind brush my hair away from my face. While Blake searched in his backpack for something, I resorted to enjoying Mother Nature's work. Standing over one of the tallest hills in the park, I could see more trees, shrubberies, streetlights and passengers below me. But more than looking down, I preferred looking up at the midnight blue colored night sky decorated with blinding stars and blankets of clouds.


Hearing my name, I blinked out of my daze and turned around to see Blake and…I swung my head from left to right in utter shock and blinked multiple times. My mouth widened and I couldn't manage to close it. My eyes went from looking at Blake who watched me with satisfaction to what he set up for me. Finally, they were able to settle on the subject that surprised me in the first place.

A checkered red and white mat was laid on the soft grass I was standing on. On the mat were a picnic lunchbox and lightened candles on a stand. The lighted candles that were red in color gave off the most beautiful light I've ever seen- even better than the starlight. The fragrance they held seemed to intoxicate me into falling harder and harder into Blake who was already sitting on the mat with his arms propped up on his legs.

Blake stared at me like what I was doing to him and his eyes twinkled like the stars above us. He motioned towards the mat with his hand, signaling me to sit down. Nodding once, I broke off the eye contact and seated myself on the mat.

"I know," Blake opened his mouth and started mumbling without meeting my eyes, "This isn't a glamorous dinner or anything like in the movies but I tried my best. After all, it's the thought that counts right?"

I could only smile back and remain speechless. My eyes remained on Blake who couldn't look any more adorable than he already was.

Glancing once at me, he looked into his lunchbox and pretended to be apathetic but I could see that his lips had curved upwards into a smile.

"Thanks for the improvised glamorous dinner," I commented teasingly just so that we wouldn't end up feeling awkward with each other and Blake would know that I really appreciated this.

"I'm hoping that you weren't being sarcastic."

I chuckled at what Blake said and folded my legs together and hugged them with my arms. Feeling safe that he couldn't see my face since it was hidden from his view, I grinned widely and felt my heart fluttering.

"Aren't you curious about what else I prepared?" Blake asked, lifting his view from his lunchbox to me.

Nodding, I managed to give a small smile instead of the big one that I was hiding from him. Raising my head to meet his eyes, I tried to peer in the lunchbox. "Tell me what else you've got to make this a glamorous candlelit dinner," I mocked again and waited as Blake gave me a smirk and started fumbling inside lunchbox.

"Well, since I'm sort of broke, I bought us some burgers, fries and sodas in cans," he mentioned as he brought out those contents and placed them on the space between us. I laughed out loud and shook my head in amusement.

"Creative, I know. I'm a smart guy."

"Whatever you say," I retorted, rolling my eyes but meaning no harm.

"Mmm…," Blake ignored my comment and chewed on the first bite of his burger, "Fast food is so much better than gourmet steak, don't you think?"

I raised my eyebrow and maintained a straight face. "…You will die of cholesterol soon." I pouted to express faked sympathy and patted his head softly. Blake only looked back at me with an amused face and I could tell that he was thinking of a good comeback.

He pointed towards the burger I was holding in my hands. "I'm not gonna die alone."

I unconsciously smiled. "Really now? What makes you say that?"

"You're gonna come with me," Blake whispered seductively and my heart almost literally fell from its place in my chest. His eyes held me there as his face grew closer to mine such that the tips of our noses almost met. Trying not to look fazed by his tempting act, I maintained a sneer and stared back intensely at him.

What I did brought a smile to Blake's face and his eyes momentarily fleeted before he muttered, "Till death do us part."

"Till death do us part?" I questioned, tilting my head.

"Yup," Blake said with conviction with a bob of his head, "That I promise you." And he poked my nose with his finger which sent chills down my spine. Then…his head inclined to one side as he neared me and closed his eyes. Automatically, I did the same and everything felt perfect then.

Oh my dearest Lord. I leaned my whole head and body against the front door of my house after I shut it close. A flash of today's events played through my mind but the highlight was tonight's dinner with Blake. He promised me…till death do us part…

I banged my head on the door in excitement as my heart beat faster and faster. Everything was so perfectly right in my life. Sighing in pure bliss, I literally hopped up my way upstairs and skidded down the hallway leading to my room.

"Nath! Just let them be!!! For Christ's sake…"

I halted and stood silently by Nath's room. The voice belonged to Madison; there was no mistake about that. But she sounded upset about something and who did she mean by them? Perhaps, it wasn't my business to eavesdrop in this conversation but I had a feeling that I had to.

"Look, we can't leave her alone to be with him! Think straight! He's not just any guy! He can be…I dunno…Dangerous!" Nath snapped back and I heard a slam on the desk which scared me, making me let out a scream. Panicking, I quickly covered my mouth with my hand but of course, it was too late. The bedroom door opened in a matter of seconds and there was Nath, looking down at me with an austere face. I tried to manage a friendly smile but he only shook his head.

"You were out with Blake, weren't you?" he asked seriously yet gently which scared me all the more because usually, he'd never call Blake by his name. Something fishy was going on and I wasn't sure if I wanted to find out anymore.

"Answer me, were you?" Nath persisted and Madison suddenly emerged from inside the room and glared at him.

"Don't do this, Nath," she seethed but he didn't even budge an inch. Ignoring her, he turned his look back to me and heaved a deep sigh.

"Sam, hate to break it to you but I wouldn't-"

"SHUT UP NATH!" Madison broke off the sentence and made me look alarmingly at her. My eyes glanced at my two siblings repeatedly back and forth and I started to cower back.

"Madison! Stay out of this! Think about Sam's situation for once!"

"I am, goddammit! Exactly why you shouldn't tell her!"

Both Nath and Madison had lost their minds now. They were both breathing in and out really hard and I could see that they really hated each other at the moment. Nath's hands were balled into fists and so were my sister's. This really wasn't a good sign. I thought to myself, is this what I get for spending heavenly time with Blake?

Nath let out a heavy sigh and ran his hand through his hair. As if he suddenly thought of something, he crossed his arms in defiance and leaned against the door. "Oh what shouldn't I tell her? That Blake fucked you?"

Madison's eyes flared like anything in the world and her face turned red in anger. But all that didn't matter anymore; I suddenly felt dizzy and…lost. My vision became blurred and I felt like I was falling down but I didn't fight to stand anymore or gain control of myself. Almost all my senses started to shut down; I could only see pitch black darkness, smell nothing, feel nothing, taste nothing but I could hear.

I was able to hear the words that were making me confused about everything.

Blake slept with Madison…my sister?

Was this what I was getting for sharing a kiss with Blake? For thinking that maybe Blake likes me the same way I do? Is this punishment for falling for him? For actually believing that maybe for once, I'm falling in love?

If so…I just want to forget everything and sleep forever.

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