This is my story... I thought I had a family, a home and friend like every normal person... I thought I knew love still I belonged nowhere and used to be a stranger among the people I called my own. In my path I crossed thing regular human will never doubt ever existed in the first place... yet am not a regular human... not anymore... not since I've been bitten.


I thought I had a life.

Get up, take a shower, eat, work, come back home, eat again, kiss my boyfriend and go back to sleep... I can say this is mainly what I do whit every single day god gives me to live... I feel like am wasting my life, throwing it in the garbage living the same day again and again watching spring turning to summer and then autumn... looking at my body growing a bit older every single day loosing yet another opportunity to live a day worth living.

I can feel depression wining over me... it's like a heavy cold blanket settling over your mind, you feel alone in the middle of a crowd, like a ghost revolving around other people's life never truly noticed by anyone. You are but a shadow of yourself... cursed or at least feeling like it. You start thinking about amazing project, friend you could have things you could do if only you made some change in your life... but you can't, tomorrow... maybe tomorrow you will change... and the next day you sit by the window watching stranger living there life and children running in the park whit a bright smile on their face.. Tomorrow, always tomorrow... that's how you end up six month later sitting by the windows watching yet again stranger living their life and thinking about how good your life could be if only you made some change.

Who knows maybe I would have lived and died being nothing but a ghost of myself if I never went running to the grocery. I rushed in the street knowing I had less than 5 minute before the clerk closed the lock on the door I ran and I ran breathing hard then it happened... I turned left at the corner of St-Mary Street and bumped on a chest. Of course the said chest actually belonged to a man believe it or not... and when our eyes met I didn't knew it but my fate was sealed.

This is but a short introduction the next chapter will be longer

Please do tell me what you think about my story

If I do make typing and syntaxes errors please say it... English is not my first language am French speaking so I don't know if my English is good enough to write in it but am doing my best... this story has been dwelling in my head for quite some time so I intend to put it all on paper... or rather... on HTML

Of course the character and the story are mine and I shall murder anyone who steals it.