Chapter One: All Hail the Kings

"STEPHANIE! Did you hear about it, didcha didcha didcha!" My best friend Trish came bouncing up to me, squealing excitedly.

"Whoa, slow down Ms. Hurricane! Hear about what?" I asked as we walked through the bustling corridor, threading through students heading to the cafeteria.

"THE NEW GUY! I mean, GUYS! I heard a pair of totaaaaaaally cute twins is coming to our school!" Trish replied eagerly, as I pushed open the cafeteria doors.

I rolled my eyes as we walked to our usual place. Along the way, I could hear not just the girls, but the guys too, gossiping about the two new kids coming to our insane school. Was it something to be so excited over? Well, I guess there had to be something special about the two guys…

"STEPHANIE WOODS! Are you even listening to me!" Trish's voice interrupted my chain of thoughts.

"I'm all ears," I replied, smiling innocently back at her.

Trish, being the naïve (and boy-crazy) girl she is, continued her story. "Anyway, I heard they are totally rich! Not just hot, but rich!"

"Um, like practically everyone who comes to this school is rich? Except me, of course. The black sheep who decides to come to this school and tarnish its reputation of being 'The School for the Filthy Rich'," I replied.

Melville High School is renowned for being THE school. All the rich teenagers born with a silver spoon in their mouths studied there. It was a prestigious school which produced the most students with Distinctions for all their subjects, yada yada yada. Naturally, I couldn't get into this school through my family background, so I worked my ass off for a scholarship. And so, I, Stephanie Woods, am here. Please applaud my sad, but true story. Sniff.

"Come on Steph, don't be such a sour puss! The main point is that they are coming today. Like TODAY! Isn't that exciting?! I bet they have dreamy blue eyes…ahh…" Trish went into La-La Land with that dreamy look on her face. She always did that when talking about guys.

"So… A bunch of, okay, two to be specific, guys are coming to our school and I'm supposed to be excited about it? You must be kidding me," I snorted, taking a bite out of my sandwich. Trish just ignored my comment, or maybe she didn't hear it, considering the fact that she still had that dreamy look in her eyes.

"THEY'RE HERE!" A girl I didn't know burst into the cafeteria and shouted loudly.

Suddenly, it was like the whole school went out of control. Chairs were being pushed aside, trays knocked over…it was like mad bulls in a race. Kinda freaky, thinking about it. I was totally clueless about what was going on.

"Let's go!" Trish shouted, getting up and signaling for me to get up too.

"Wha-?" Before I could even finish my sentence, one of my hands was dragged by Trish, the other still holding my half-eaten sandwich. We were squeezing through students talking excitedly and received glares as we pushed our way through. Boy, I thought my hand was going to break, the way Trish was mishandling it. That girl had one helluva grip.

"Uh, could someone please enlighten me about this whole junk?" I shouted over the noise.

"Don't you know! They are here!" Trish shouted back to me.

Yes, I know, I'm sort of slow. My mind took a while to process what Trish had just said. Finally, five seconds later, I understood what she was talking about.

"Oh. The twins are here," I replied unexcitedly. Definitely I didn't see the whole hoo-ha about two supposedly cute and rich hotties coming to our school. The worst part was that they were oh-so great that even the principal and teachers were lined up outside the school gate awaiting their arrival.

Like doh.

I tapped my feet impatiently, glancing around me, only to see eager faces, especially the girls. The guys didn't look too happy, but they too had curiosity in their eyes. Was I the only sane one here?

Just then, a sleek black limousine drove up and stopped outside the school gate. Mutters and exclaims of "Are you serious?" and "They get chauffeured to school" were circulated around as the chauffer got out of the car and opened the doors.

Okay. Even I have to admit they were gorgeous with a capital G. They were both wearing neatly pressed shirts, unbuttoned slightly at the front to hint a muscular body, and jeans. Although they were twins, they sported different hairstyles, one had spiky black hair while the other had short messy black hair which just tempted you to ruffle lightly. Okay, I'm acting like Trish and that's a bad sign. A very bad sign.

I heard the girls squealing excitedly and the guys muttering among themselves, probably seeing this pair of twins as people who were going to steal their girls. Trish sighed contentedly beside me.

Our principal, Mr. Lockwood cleared a pathway amongst the pack of students for the twins to walk through. Naturally, this was done with much difficulty as none of the students wanted to move. Finally, after much effort from the principal and the teachers, and of course complaints from the students, the twins could enter the school.

"Oh my Lord, I'm seriously going to faint now," Trish said as we were pushed along the stream of students entering the school.

"Well, yes, they are cute, but what's the deal with even the staff going out to welcome them? On my first day, the only welcoming thing about this school was a yellow detention slip," I replied, as we headed towards our lockers to get our books for the next class.

"Hello? Apparently the twins' parents donate a huge, like really enormous, sum of money to the school each year! Of course they get treatment fit for the King! Isn't that like totally cool?" Trish replied excitedly.

Well, let's just say 'Cool' wasn't the word which came to my mind.

We headed into our Maths class where there were already a few students sitting at their seats, chatting enthusiastically, probably about the day's events. I took a window seat and Trish took the seat next to mine, still yakking away about the twins.

Seriously, after squeezing through hundreds of students and being surrounded by people talking non-stop, all I needed now was some peace and quiet.

Sadly, the moment they stepped in, I knew that was only the beginning of my troubles and peace and quiet was the last thing I was going to get.


Seriously, these people need to get a life. My head is almost bursting with all the mutters circulating around the classroom. Imagine being squashed into a room with females squealing and giggling away. It's probably worse than the torture you see in the movie 'Saw'. I guess that was an extreme exaggeration, but I couldn't take it anymore!

You probably guessed what happened. Yes, the twins are in my class, yes, I'm breathing the same air as them, like OH MY LORD, how exciting. Hur. Well, at least Trish was enjoying it. She along with the other girls in the class shot the twins questions every 5 minutes. And the twins happily entertained them. Well, one of them did anyway, the other one seemed to just nod and smile 99.9 of the time.

Anyway, I digress. I was bored to death as my only friend in 'The School for the Filthy Rich' was too preoccupied with the new hotties to bother about me. I twirled my pen between my fingers, listening to Mrs. Miller drone on and on about…I don't know, I wasn't even listening in the first place. Oh well.


Oh shit.

I probably forgot to mention that I totally sucked at twirling pens. I wasn't the person who could twirl pens non-stop with their nimble fingers. And bloody hell, of all people to hit… it just had to be Mrs. Miller.

Now, Mrs. Miller has never been a fan of me, doh. Who was? I was the outcast of the school, and except for Trish (who although was rich and popular, she grew up with me and always stuck by me), everyone pretty much ignored me. And considering the whole class was not paying attention, her tolerance level had probably reached a maximum, and now, she took this opportunity to vent her anger on me. Grr.

"Stephanie Woods, I suppose you think this is very funny?" Mrs. Miller glared at me.

"Sorry Mrs. Miller," I apologized, even though I knew she wasn't going to let this go.

"For the absolute nerve to fling a pen at me, it's detention for you, young lady," Mrs. Miller said sternly.

I opened my mouth to protest, but Trish nudged me and I snapped my mouth shut. Hello, I wasn't even the only one not paying attention! Daaaaang, I hate detention. It's a total bore, not to mention a total waste of time.

What a long dreary day.