Friends Forever

Do you remember that night

We sat outside on the grass?
Shivering in the cold,

But just wanting it to last.

Gazing at the sky,

At every person passing by,

We grinned at each other,

On that magical night.

We joked and we talked,

And hours just flew by,

I had never laughed,

As I did on that night.

You made me feel,

Like I was unique,

That I was different,

That I was not weak.

Every negative thought,

And slight insecurity,

Deserted me and

I forgot all duties.

Sensibility and logic,

Were thrown out the window,

Instead, I listened

As you acted out the show.

Then like two little kids,

We gasped as we saw,

A falling star,

Streak down to the floor.

I closed my eyes

And made a wish,

That I would always remember

That night and cherish.

Our friendship would stay,

I'd love you till the end,

And perhaps we'd have more,

And we could both mend.

But life was too cruel,

And destiny, untrue,

We were seperated,

And I forgot about you.

But now here you are,

And I can't look at you,

How could I have forgotten,

A friend so true?

Shame and guilt,

Mixed with the usual love,

I remember some moments

But it's just not enough.

We have moved on,

I can see you have changed,

So, I let you go,

And wish on stars once again.

This is the truth,

Behind all the stereotypes,

Friendships do break,

And fade like shared nights.

People do change,

We just can't be together,

I wonder if there is any truth

In the phrase "Friends Forever?"