A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this up here--I haven't been online in awhile. Anyways, I was told that I should do an epilogue, and I hope this one is okay.

A great deal happened in the moonspans that followed Cern's rampage. Ehrian and Ayrlyn called a town meeting to explain what exactly had happened and why Cern had come there. The townsfolk accepted their explanation and were glad to know that the Goddess was banished. A few people had their doubts, though, and warned that such a Deity cannot be gotten rid of so simply nor did that small number of elves completely trust Ayrlyn.

Then, a spectacular coronation ceremony was held for Ehrian. In addition to those from her own kingdom, people from all over Kipic came to see her and pay their respects. The elves did not care that she was not from a legal union. All they cared was that her heart was pure and that she would rule over them as her father had. Surely, she would do so after endangering her own life so readily to save them all.

The immense task of rebuilding Dacia was begun soon after Ehrian was crowned Queen. Elves came from all around to help with rebuilding nearly the entire market district and some of the surrounding areas of the city. Gwenwhyfar's Tavern was built anew, though a short distance from its original location. That spot was reserved for a memorial to all of Cern's victims. Almost one hundred people had died in all, and dozens more were injured or had lost their homes and businesses in the Goddess' upset.

Ehrian had a private grave built for Behlan beneath a large oak tree atop a small hill on the castle grounds. Not a day went by without her visiting the site and recounting the whole ordeal to herself beneath the foliage which, extraordinarily, never lost its color nor fell off in the many seasons that followed.