King of the Closet

By Violent Pornography (previously RainingInMyHead)

Prince Dylan with the really long name the III has a quest; he must face the evil forces threatening his world and save his people. All while stopping his family from finding out his sexual preferences and winning the heart of the young knight who is accompanying him.

Life just got complicated.

Warning this fiction contains slash

Chapter 1: in which Dylan leaves for his quest (REVISED)

"Announcing his highness and third in line to the royal throne, Prince Dylan Edward Xavier Ravenscroft the III" Marcus cries to the gathering crowds who are clustered in the royal hall. Yeah Prince Dylan with the really long name who hasn't really got that much importance in the royal family because he's third in line, that's what everyone thinks when they hear that name, I roll my eyes and step up to the stand. I have to admit, I am quite impressed by the cheering and clapping, it's not everyday you get a standing ovation like that.

"Ladies and Lords, Nobles, and friends, as we all now the threat in the east is building and we can all feel its presence. The dragon lord is growing strong, his attacks on our people have become more frequent, more violent and each time he kills a little bit more of the Mother. So I am travelling to the Fire Lands and ending this before he has the time to gather an army, and attack our people," I declare smiling at the delighted and hopeful faces of the crowd below me. They cheer, they shout my name and they hug each other glad that their King was wise enough to act now. Of course this wasn't the exact truth, obviously the threat from the dragon lord was growing and he was threatening our world, but he was drawing powers from other gods and breaking through the shields that connected other worlds and slowly was killing all that was good and right in these lands too.

But I can't tell these idiots that, I mean please, mass hysteria is not exactly the best thing to cause on my first public address. So I settle for smiling and nodding, stepping to the side as my father joins me on the stand.

"My son has bravely taken this quest, but he will not be going along, he will be accompanied by the countries most accomplished knight Sir Nathan Hargrove," I blink quickly and cast my gaze to the back of the hall as people turn and begin to applaud the young man stood at the back. I swallow, staring at him as he pushes his messy black hair back from his beautiful face. His soft pink lips break their pout for a minute to smile at the crowds and my father before he turns his beautiful blue gaze onto me. I bow slightly at him and he returns it as my father speaks again. But I'm not listening, all I can focus on is Nathan.

I didn't know he was going to be the man accompanying me, I thought it would be someone older, someone more experienced, like Oliver. But instead I am getting the brooding sex god, who is aloof and quiet with cheekbones I could just lick and hair I want to run my fingers through. He's normally alone and I've seen him training in the sword room when I've been returning from my own lessons. That body had given me a good few nights of nice dreams, if you understand me.

My father elbows me and I turn to look at him, confused, his smile looks like it's forced onto his face and he is staring at me with anger, I wonder how long he's been addressing me for. I look out across the hall and see the crowd watching me with anticipation,

"Forgive me, my mind was on the quest at hand," I lie, and the people below smile and mutter, okay…what was he talking about?

"He wants to know your feelings on this Quest you Oh So Willingly decided to embark on," a sweet female voice whispers in my ear and I frown, silently I decide that Eve needs to be locked in my room from now on.

"Well, I feel it will be successful, and I will not return until it is," I state and feel a small hand tug in my hair,

"You probably won't return at all," Eve mutters, as we turn from the visible stand and into the quiet hallway, she becomes visible and sits herself down on my open palm. I make a shushing noise and glance at my father, checking that he hasn't overheard our conversation.

He narrows his eyes at me and makes a gesture for me to be gone.

"Go and pack, you need to be ready to leave in the morning, and go and get that wild beast you call a horse from the woods, or wherever you let it roam. Unless you plan to fly to the Fire Lands," he mutters, casting a wary glance at Eve, who sticks her tongue out at him. I smile and bow quickly, walking towards my room.

Worse than having a son who had magical powers, is having a gay son with magical powers who has a fairy for a pet. Except my family didn't know about the gay part, and if I have my own way never will.

I run quickly to my room and pull out the biggest bag I can find.

"So, the brooding knight you've been ogling over for months is taking us on this little journey huh?" Eve asks, turning to human size and bouncing on my bed. Her long blonde hair flows around her and she pulls her pretty face into a seductive smile, as she tugs her short blue dress over her pale skin and twitches her wings.

"I've been itching for a chance to fly around and get back into the woods, get back to nature and all that," she laughs darting into the air and flying around. She touches the canopy of my four poster bed and beautiful flowers begin to grow down the posts and twine around the room.

Because the room didn't look gay enough before.

I stand in front of the stables watching Nathan attach his bags to his horse. He hasn't even looked at me yet, except for bowing briefly when I entered. I stand uneasily shifting from foot to foot and looking uneasily at the bags next to my feet.

I close my eyes, hoping beyond hope that Raven will listen and come just this once. I open them and turn to see Nathan watching me, one eyebrow rising.

"How are you planning to travel to the Fire Lands?" He asks his voice deep and soft. I swallow, hard. His voice is enough to send bad thoughts racing through my head. I glance at the stable door as a loud, braying neigh is heard and I feel relief course through me. Raven has listened for once. I shoot out the door, throwing my arms around the horses' neck.

She is a beautiful mare, deep black, with almost a blue tinge to her mane and tail, that's the main reason I picked her. She rides well, but she can be bad tempered and very rarely does what she's told, but if I hadn't decided to train her she would have been killed.

"Yeah, yeah, look you had better just make this journey worth my while, and if that Damn Fairy pisses me off I'll eat her this time," Raven huffs, pawing at the ground, "and not even you can make me spit her out," She finished casting an evil look and a snort in the direction on Eve who is sitting innocently on the side of the trough, looking at her reflection.

"Okay, I promise she will stay well away, now I'm going to put some stuff on you, and a saddle and before you huff and puff I can't ride you all the way bareback," I point out. I turn to walk into the stable and get my stuff when Nathan appears holding a saddle and reins.

"What a beautiful horse, but don't the royal family usually have ride stallions?" He asks, gesturing to a stable hand to come and load Raven up and I touch her nose.

"Be nice Raven," I warn and she makes some muttered comment I don't pick up.

"You read minds? Or is one of your powers talking to animals?" Nathan asks seriously. I smile and shrug walking into the stables to look for Eve. No-one outside of immediate family knows about her and Nathan will not be the first.

"I don't know really, animals have always been able to understand me, and me them since I was little. They trust me and relax around me; sometimes in the case of Raven I can even use it to make them less wild…" I trail off realizing I'm babbling and turn to him, "I need to go and say goodbye to my family. I'll be right back," I say bowing quickly and scooping Eve up as I walk past her and running quickly back up to the castle.

Jesus I can't be around the guy for ten minutes without going mad, how am I going to last months?

I reach the castle and walk towards the hall I know my family will be sat in. I glance at myself in the mirrors next to the huge doors. My messy, shoulder length blonde hair looking more dishevelled than usual and my silver eyes were wide as I take in my own form. I look so skinny in these loose clothes, I mean I'm not well built or anything, but my loose white shirt and black trousers made me look like a peasant boy. I've never looked like any of my family, with their auburn hair and green eyes and tanned skin. When I was younger I always expected a boy who looked like them to march in the hall during breakfast and tell them that he had been living with the fairies for years and that I was an impostor. Some days I hope for it.

I push open the doors and watch as the faces turn to me. My sisters rise along with my mother and rush over to hug me, while my brothers and my father remain seated and cold. I walk towards them and my oldest brother eyes our father warily, and my younger brother smirks, Donovan and Andrew. I bow to the three of them and meet my father's eye.

"Don't screw this up, Dylan. I would have sent one of your brothers, but they were needed. Now go," His eyes focus on my shoulder and I nod and turn to go. As my mother hugs me I hear her whisper to Eve,

"Keep him safe Eve, for me,"

Within minutes I'm back down the stables, with Eve softly wiping the tears from my eyes.

"The hunk approaches, we need to leave now, this journey will be long." She murmurs, changing back to her usual size and settling into the hood of my cloak.

"Your family were stupid enough to build the imperial city in the middle of the country. It will take days to get to the sea and then maybe even months to the fire lands."

"Dylan lets go," Nathan cries from his horse, a few feet away. He holds Ravens reigns in one hand and I quickly pull myself onto the black horses back. "We ride east," he tells me and kicks his horse into a quick walk. I follow with Raven.

A few months keeping my crush on Nathan to myself looks like the hardest part of this quest right now.

That's chapter 1 (the revised edition) Thank you to my reviewers who gave me help, I hope this version is better grammatically and all that.

It's a bit short but it's really just the introduction behind the quest

It all starts from chapter two really, which will be out soon

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Violent Pornography