King of the Closet

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Chapter 8: Monsters beware – Dylan CAN fight!

Nathan wakes me up at the crack of dawn. I can't say I'm incredibly pleased about this but I'm not looking forward to what will happen if night falls before we reach the village tonight, so I feel that this is the lesser of two evils.

After the torment of watching me handle a sword yesterday Nathan decided I should just try and use magic for as long as possible, then if that didn't work – call for him. Or Eve. Or even Kyo – though I noticed that after he said this a rather disgusted look crawled across his face, and I was desperate to point out that he couldn't act like that after he'd had sex with the man. It was only after I had no one to come to my aid that I must even consider picking up my own weapon, as Nathan said I was more likely to kill myself with it than any monster.

I climb onto Raven as Nathan looks out at the huge expanse of burnt trees and shakes his head.

"They don't cut the trees down here still do they? What with the bad guys creatures coming here, do they risk their lives just to destroy a forest?" He mutters looking at me.

I nod and sigh, "They think that's where they are coming from, they think its evil. Even though we are far from the castle we do receive requests for help clearing it…but we don't often do it. At least my father knows when to say no…Nathan, will we really be there before nightfall?"

Nathan smiles at me, and kicks his horse into a fast pace.

"You should trust me more Dylan, we'll be there in no time!" He laughs, and I just chew my lip and urge Raven to catch up with him, Eve clinging tightly onto my hood.

Its odd being back on a horse, because we've been walking through the forest. I glance to see the wolves of the forest running a short way behind me, and assume they must have decided to accompany us even further. That makes me feel a bit better really. I hear Nathan curse and I glance back forward to see him slowing. Raven is automatically slowing with him and I look at him.

"Can you hear something?" he asks and I listen carefully, but find myself unable to pick out any sound except that off the wind rustling in the trees we are slowly leaving behind. I squint at the barren landscape around us, the sun shining in my eyes before looking back at Nathan, who's shifting uneasily in his saddle.

"Seems quiet to me," I say and he shushes me. I glance at Eve, who looks just as puzzled as me. "Nathan…" I start before he seems to pinpoint the sound.

"Go!" He shouts suddenly his eyes seeming to find the source of the noise. I cant help but turn my head to see what's causing the noise and that's when I see it.

A wave of black figures moving towards us, and I can hear it now, the tramp of their feet and the howls of their voices.

"What are you waiting for? GO!" Nathan shouts again, and I kick Raven into a pace faster than any I've ridden in before. I hear Nathan draw his sword before he begins to ride after me.

There aren't a ridiculous number of them, but a hell of a lot more than the three of us to fight. I hear Nathan curse behind me, and glance back.

If it's possible the creatures are catching up with us, even though they are on foot and we are on horse back. I can taste the panic in the back of my throat and its metallic tang. It tastes a lot like blood. I close my eyes and try desperately to think. Reaching the village isn't going to help much if these creatures are following us, they'll just destroy that as well. My quest is meant to be helping the people of this land, not just ruining their lives for creatures that are actually after me.

That's it, they're after me. So why don't I give them me long enough to satisfy them, until we are far enough away from the villages that it will be okay. I begin to slow Raven and Nathan looks at me.

"Dylan are you crazy? There's a hundred of them, we can't win." He says reaching out to tug on Ravens reins nervously looking behind him. We have a while before they catch up, but they're moving so fast for creatures on foot. But then, these are just that, creatures.

I jump of the horse and he shouts. I turn to look at him.

"I thought you liked it when the odds were against you,"

He stares at me, confusion on his face and I can't help but grin. I have very few moments in life where I feel intelligent and brave, but right now I do. I mean I wouldn't say this plan is flawless, but it's pretty damn good.

"I'm curious as to what you're going to do," Eve hisses and I can sense that both she and Nathan are highly uncomfortable with the whole situation. I sigh, they should have way more trust in me. But now's not really the time to angst over that, oh no, I'll save that for when we are curled up in bed in a nice warm inn.

"They aren't going to chase us if we are dead right. So they kill us. Problem solved," I mutter drawing my sword.

"Oh god," Nathan mutters, and Eve flutters off my shoulder.

"What are you talking about?" She asks me, dodging me effectively as I swat her away with my hand.

"Look, just trust me please? Eve turn human sized and Nathan draw your sword," I plead and he jumps down from the horse muttering under his breath. I don't have time to question what he said because I'm concentrating on drawing now. I'm slightly worried to be honest because I've never pulled off a spell this complicated before, but I'm not one for being negative.

I step back from my drawings and smile proudly. Nathan stares down at the three stick figures and two stick figure horses I've sketched into the earth with my sword. Eve blinks from his shoulder; their faces are both perfect masks of disbelief.

"What the hell is that?" Eve scoffs

"You're not meant to use it for that you know Dylan. Guess we know why he is so bad at sword fighting," he says to Eve who nods. I huff and draw five circles in the soil a little further away from the group. I glance up and see the army are close than before.

"This is it," I whisper and glance at my drawings. I close my eyes and thrust my sword into the ground careful to hold in my mind the images of what I want to create. "Now whatever happens, do not break my concentration until I say it's okay,"

I hear them both mutter their agreement and I place both my hands onto the sword.

"Phasmatis Illusion iacio vestri subluceo super mens. Locus speculum of meus mens ut suum," I chant softly and feel the warmth flow down my sword. I feel as if someone's tugging the images from my mind and I let them flow down the sword into the ground.

I hear the whinny of a horse and the scuffle of feet. Eve gasps. I turn to her and smile, suddenly feeling very tired. I stumble a little and Nathan rushes forward to wrap his arms around me. He holds me upright and stares at me open mouthed.

"How did you…" he begins to ask but Eve cuts him off.

"Dylan! That's the best illusion spell I've ever seen! I understand now, they'll kill the illusions thinking it's us! We're hidden right?" She says prodding the illusion of herself, who stares blankly at the approaching army.

"I'm not stupid Eve," I sigh. Two complicated spells at once on more than one person? That's tired me out a lot. Nathan helps me over to Raven and I feel my body tense as he mounts behind me.

"Eve take whisper," he says and she blinks.


"My horse," Nathan hisses looking annoyed.

"I didn't know he was called whisper," she points out and Nathan flicks Ravens reins.

"Look the army might not be able to see us, but if they're all flailing around in battle they could easily kill the real us if we stay so close. Lets get some distance and then we can all sit around and compare horse names okay?"

Eve huffs and climbs onto the horse in large size and we trot away from the approaching army. The illusions start to come to life, with the fake Nathan and me drawing our swords and the fake Eve wandering in circles aimlessly.

"Why am I doing that?" she asks, watching the scene over her shoulder.

"Doing what?" I ask and turn to look. Nathan slows down Raven and turns to watch the scene himself. The army have stopped in front of us, and I gesture to Eve. "He used magic to make them move quickly. They must have reported that we had stopped,"

She nods and turns to look at me.

"But why am I still wandering in circles?"

"Oh, I couldn't think what you would do in a battle situation, so I…er…improvised," I mutter and she huffs.

"Sure, you'd draw your sword to fight and I'd be the one to be wandering aimlessly without a purpose?"

Nathan laughs and I can feel a blush rising to my face. It's not just Eve's comment, but more the fact that I could feel his chest against my back as he did that.

Really not the time to be thinking about things like that.

"Feeling better?" He asks and I nod, still feeling the blush burning on my cheeks.

I hear the clashing of swords and Nathan turns Raven round to watch as the first few monsters begin to throw themselves at us. I watch as Nathan and I cut down the first few that attack. You think they would come at us on mass, but they obviously decide a better battle manoeuvre is to attack us singularly. Well, whatever floats you boat I guess.

I watch my fake self swing the sword artfully, duck under a blow and kick the monster that tried to stab me artfully in the stomach.

"Wow! Would you look at that?! I can really kick ass can't I?" I squeal

"Bearing in mind its not really you, but just an imagining of yourself, you have no real right to say that," he smirks and I don't have to turn around to see the expression of amusement that's currently on his face. "Anyway, isn't that one of my fighting techniques?" He asks casually. I shrug.

I don't need him to burst my bubble. I'm kicking ass out there.

We're close enough to the action to hear the hideous groans and cries of the monsters as they attack, and I can feel the nausea in my stomach at the sounds of war. It may only be a small battle, but I'm not familiar with the grotesque forms of death I'm witnessing first hand, and its nothing like the stories make it out to be.

"Why aren't I doing anything! I'm not kicking ass at all!" Eve sulks from Whisper and I laugh.

"Sorry I guess that I couldn't illusion spells being cast, it was too technical."

"I can use a sword dumb ass," she grumbles and I blink in surprise. I never knew that about Eve, but then I suppose there's a lot I don't know about her thinking back to what the forest spirit said in the clearing.

There's a lot I don't know about this whole quest.

Nathan begins to turn Raven around.

"What are you doing?" I ask, desperate to see my masterpiece completed.

"I don't know about you, but you said we die at the end of this, I for one don't want to witness my own death, even if it isn't really me." He mutters and Eve nods in agreement.

"Let's leave them to be fooled while we head to this village. Thanks to you Dylan we're going to have a pretty much smooth journey until we are in the fire lands now," Nathan continues, shifting his grip on my waist.

I blush at his praise and notice Eve wink.

Whether it's at Nathan or me, I'm not sure.

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