If no one could talk the world would be quieter. Communication would probably consist most of notes and sign language. People may also read more often, which would increase how much someone knows. Movies would mostly just be music and have no words. Of course, just because so many things would change, some things do stay the same, like sports for instance.

Since sign language is mostly universal, people wouldn't get as confused about what someone is saying. For example, the sign for beautiful here would most likely still be the same at Thailand, or somewhere else. The truth is, because there are so many different languages now, it would probably help the economy by just using sign language, or if everyone just learned a universal language.

Because there's not much that people could do, they would probably read more. As we already know, the more you read the more intelligent you become. Of course, it does depend on what kind of books you read, but you will still learn things. If more people become smarter in our economy, it could help the world and we'd be able to find a way to stop global warming and fix the atmosphere quicker. (Who knows, and then maybe the scientists will also become smart and figure out that PLUTO IS A PLANET WHEATHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!) Anyways, the more we learn the more we can help save the world.

If nobody could speak, movies would obviously have no words to them. People would probably just put soundtracks to every different action. In place of their words, people would probably use sign language. Since the person acting might not be facing the screen all the time, in place of subtitles would probably be someone signing out all of the words, at the corner of the screen.

Although many things would change if no one could speak, certain things will stay the same too. We'd still play the same sports that we do now. We'd still have friends that we go out with every few weeks. We'd still hate the people we hate now. And; of course, we'd still be living at the beautiful nation that we're living at now.

A/N: Hey! This is just something that I typed at school for a report. Hope ya like it. D