A/N: First installment of cake. Just a silly tester starting out piece. For the foot, Amnesiaface.


In the darkness of the night, black wispy clouds obscured the full moon and the wind howled through a gathering of trees causing the leaves to wildly rustle and the branches to thrash against each other. A cold midnight chill rushed through the bushes between two strong and sturdy oaks. Then, everything went silent. The wind stopped wailing, the leaves stopped rustling and the branches stopped thrashing. There was a moment of pure silence as not even the owls cooed. An air of tension surrounded everything. Then a rustling from the bushes broke the silence though the tension remained. The rustling steadily became louder until a wild looking girl emerged. Her face was contorted with fear and was streaked with red. Her blonde hair was matted and so sticky it stuck to her face. The silence returned as the bushes she had run through stopped rustling and she stood still for a second as wild eyes darted around as if looking to where she would run next. Then, looking up at the obscured moon, she clenched her hands into fists as she dropped to her dirty knees and let out an inhumane cry:


…and the world started spinning once more. And she ran and ran, away from the fate that had earlier become her. She darted through bushes and dashed between trees, all the time her wild face flickering with a warning. The cakes were coming. Yes, they were back with vengeance. To turn everyone they saw into a human cake. And god bless the poor soul who tried to resist them…

--Even Gods Dream