I think laptops shouldn't be required at schools. One of the major reasons is that during class, they could be misused. They also cost a lot. And; of course, just like humans, they could get viruses.

There are so many different uses for laptops, some are good; but some are also bad. For example, during class, students could get onto YouTube and watch videos, listen to songs, and make videos. They could e-mail each other, and also IM each other on AIM, or any other instant messaging companies. As we all know, students can also play games on the laptops.

If you have ever gone to a store to look at laptops or computers, you should know about how expensive they could get. If students were required a laptop at school, they would have to get the same as all the other students, most likely. Because the schools wouldn't want the laptops to break, they would probably tell the students to get one that's expensive, with the thought that it wouldn't break as easily. After someone gets a laptop, they'd have to get some equipment to go with it. Some of the most common stuff needed would probably be a book sack, which can carry a laptop in it, and CD-ROMs to make the laptop updated. These high prices for laptops could really become a big problem for some families.

Just like us, laptops could get viruses and "die". If that were to happen, it's very possible for all the data, in the laptop, to be lost in cyberspace forever. Some of that data could include that student's notes for class, homework assignments, and important report facts. It could really hurt a student's grades if they were to suddenly lose all of their information. After that, of course, they'd have to get a new laptop eventually, but what would happen if it wasn't possible for them to get a new one? What would they do then?

This draws to my conclusion on why I do not believe it's a smart idea for schools to require laptops as a school supply. We need to recognize the fact that laptops are not perfect and could break. I know that laptops could help many people everywhere, but they could also hurt lots of people too. So, the next time that you consider getting a laptop or computer for school uses only, think about what all of the consequences could be.

A/N: This is just something that I typed for an English thing. I was bored so I just decided to put this on f/p.