Silent Tears

O my child, why are you crying?

What such tears are these?

Precious one, where did you learn

to weep without sound?

For as your tears glide down your cheeks

No whimper or sigh escapes your lips.

My darling, who taught you to comfort yourself so?

To wrap your arms around your shuddering body;

Finding some corner in which to huddle

Curling up into yourself.

Come dearest, lay your head upon my breast.

No? Why so stiff?

Why push me away?

I only wish to rock you in time with your sobs.

Please, you don't have to stay so strong

All alone. Let me be your corner

To hide your pain away in.

It's ok to let go.

Bonita, it's ok to scream, to sob

Say something, do anything to let me know

The roaring silence that comes with pain

Hasn't consumed you.

My happy innocent child.

What has the world done to you?

Your purity of spirit, the joy you possess,

Marred by these streaks of sorrow.

Sweetheart, please make some sound

Let me know you have some spirit left in you

Whether it be rage, or sorrow but please

Don't become just another silent vessel of pain.