A Senseless World

by K's Moonshadow


Staying busy

Always doing

Never stopping

No time to breathe

But nothing gets done

It's all useless, mindless


No point at all but to

Look productive


The busier we are

The less we think

Of truly important (scary) things

The less we suffer

As Tylenol claims

"One more step to

A painless world."

Is that really what we want?

What we're striving for?
What is life

Without pain?

Can we know happiness

Without knowing sadness?

Joy without disappointment?
Love without hate?

We spend so much (?all our?) time

Trying to lighten

Uncomfortable things

We pump ourselves full

Staying medicated

Busy, untouched


Do we not realize that

By restricting our senses

We are willfully submitting ourselves

To death?

If you prevent pain enough times

What will you be able to feel?

What is left

But a mundane, benign world?

There is a difference between

Not feeling any discomfort

And lessening severe pain


I'm not saying there isn't

But what are we striving for?

When you get a cold,

What do you do?

Chicken soup, aspirin, extra sleep?

Do you ever just have the cold?
Take nothing

See it thru

Just have it?

Be honest.

The reasons apply to

Every aspect of our lives

We're so afraid of experiencing

Something negative

Of not being able to

Handle something

That we do anything

And everything we can

To avoid it

But what are we doing

In the process?

Deadening our senses

Preventing true (honest) life

We say we accept




But we don't.

So we destroy our access

To the proof of our


We do what we have to

In order to appear as far from it

As possible.

But we are running so fast

We do not realize that

We're going the wrong direction

Until suddenly we're years older

And then we discover that

We're three more steps behind

From where we started

And the more we run,

The harder we try to escape

And fight to get away

The farther back we fall

And the greater the punishment

We have to pay.

Is that really what we want?

A senseless world...