-1Faux Meant

It's a cold day in hell

And everybody's dwelling

On the fact that your god never came

It's another dizzy spell

And I know we all just fell

For the prank that's brought such violent fame

And that burning that you smell

Well, I guess is just as well

'Cause some witches are just too fucking tame

Why so sane?

This is no time for discussion

This is the time for repercussion

Religion causes genocide

Governments cause genocide

The one escape is spermicide

'Cause sex is violence rectified

But procreation's suicide

Christians killing

Muslims killing

Jews killing

Muslims killing

Christians killing you

When the population's overgrown

The church and state both claim they own

As one the young and seeds unsown

Your children's lives are out on loan

'till wars that I just won't condone

I guess that I'm just unpatriotic

The state might say I need some narcotics

(Somewhere in there I think that's ironic)

When that burning that you smell

Gets to where it's done too well

I hope you question why you played it so tame

So "sane"

And if you woke up from the spell

And the crucifix just fell

Could you give up all the fortune and fame?

When it's a cold day in hell

I hope the world is dwelling

On the fact that your god is insane