Helpless with Sorrow

Filled with Hidden pain

Alone in my fight

With no one but me to blame

My lips have been sealed

For far too long

Making it impossible

To bring anyone along

To share my hidden feelings

Would be nothing but a sin

Bring those around me down

So instead I hide it with a grin

Hoping it will go away

But it is etched far too deep

Burning a hole in my soul

That has started to seep

Staining my life

As it surfaces to the top

Having nothing to block it

Nothing to make it stop

Spilling over the edges

Into the fake life I've created

Causing me to hide in shame

To cast myself out and be segregated

Alone with my pain

What I've wanted all my life

The only ending found

In the blade of a knife

But that would be too easy

So I live with the pain

Hoping that at some point

My life will be more than just a stain.