"See you later." your friend Maya called as she walked away from you with your other friend Kat.

"Yeah later." you shouted back to them and walked off in the other direction towards your house. You lived in a rather small town so the two of them were your only real friends. Most of the other people just weren't your type. They didn't interest you at all. You wore band shirts and a pair of old faded dark blue jeans and they wore designer shirts that costed $50 per shirt and $75 jeans. Why? Suits you! When you can by the same looking thing on sale for $15. The name is the game when it comes to cloths you guessed.

You were just an every day 16 year old girl with hopes of just living life. As you snapped out of day dreaming about how boring your life was, you remembered all the homework that you had to do for tomorrow. College prep sounded like the best choice when you first picked it, and you liked it too, it was just the fact that you got so much more homework then the on level kids. A cat's meow made you stop thinking about school and look to the source of the sound. In the middle of the street stood a stray black cat looking up at you with sad green eyes. "Awww" you said and walked over to pick it up.

Animals didn't appeal to you often but you loved cats. Your old one had died just last year and you were still grieving its death. "I'll take you home with me until we find your real owner" You said and searched the cat for an ID tag but didn't even find a collar.

You could always just keep the cat of course. You walked down the street with the cat purring in your arms the whole way. "I'll feed you once we get home, you must be hungry." you said as you stroked the cat's soft fur.

"Yes I am hungry" a voice said to you though it didn't come from anyone's mouth, it was just there in your head.

You dropped the cat in surprise "who said that?" you asked, your voice shrouded in fear and surprise. Right before the cat could hit the ground it turned into what looked like an 18 year old black haired man. He was dressed in a plain black T-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans worn how must boys did, way too far down, with a sliver studded belt that was slanted across his waist. The man looked like any other one except for his pale skin, paler then any human's should be. "Hello Rose." he said and stepped towards you.

"Wha- how did you know my name and who the hell are you?" You asked and stepped back away from him.

He chuckled and stepped towards you with you taking a step back after each one he took.
"My name is Kain." he said with a smile that showed off his abnormally long white fangs.

You backed away from him, almost tripping on your own feet "what on earth are you!?" you asked while regaining your balance.

He stepped towards you still smiling "guess?" he challenged.

You knew the answer but you didn't want to bring yourself to believe it "a vampire?" you said in a small voice.

His smile widened "lucky guess." he said before appearing to disappear right before your eyes. You sighed in relief and began to walk forward still a bit shaken. To your surprise, a pair of cold pale arms wrapped around your body and pulled you back

"Where do you think your going?" an already too familiar voice asked. Kain pulled you against him in a kind of hug while you struggled to free yourself "things would work better if you would stop resisting me." he said tightening his hold on you until you could hardly move anymore.

You gasped at this and relaxed into him since there was no chance of you escaping "that's better." he purred, stroking your hair away from your face and neck. He brought his head down to your neck and put his lips on it, scraping his fangs much to close to one of your blood vessels. You winced and closed your eyes. He seemed to sense your fear and began to loosen his grip on you, thinking that you wouldn't dare go anywhere. But of course you found this as your chance to escape and brought your leg up to kick him in the stomach. He let go for a moment in surprise and you took off towards your house, which was only a few yards away.

You opened the door and stepped inside, making sure to lock everything your door had to keep Kain out. You let out a deep sigh leaning against the door to catch your breath for a while before turning around to find yourself face to face with Kain again. You screamed and backed away but only got a few steps before bumping into the wall.

"You're not happy to see me?" he asked with a mock smile

"NO get out of my freakin' house!" you yelled to which he only chuckled and put his hands on either side of you on the door so you couldn't get away from him.

"I need you so that I can live." he said putting his face to your neck once again. You closed you eyes and let a single tear run down your face. "What's this? Tears?" he asked removing his face from your neck and wiping them away. He looked at you almost as if he really felt sad that he was going to hurt you "I'm sorry, it will only hurt for a little while and then… nothing." he said running his cold hand down your face.

You winced like you did before "I don't want to die" you whispered. Life wasn't great right now but you still wanted to be here, you didn't want to leave, not yet.

Kain sighed and moved his hands away from the wall "You make me feel bad for what I'm born to do." he said, turning away from you. You fell to your knees in front of the door, thankful that you were still alive. Kain turned around to look at you again "I'm sorry, just forget all of this" he said frowning

"You want me to just forget that I was almost killed by a vampire?" you asked trying to calm yourself down "this isn't the type of thing I just forget about and put in my past!"

His frown seemed to grow larger as he listened to you say this "would you prefer I kill you?" he asked a bit sharply

"No of course not!" you answered quickly.

Kain turned back into a black cat and jumped up onto your windowsill where the window was open. "just don't go telling anyone about me." he said getting ready to pounce out the window

"Wait" you said and he stopped to look at you "Your just going to leave? Just like that?" you asked wondering how he could just come into your life and walk out all too quickly

"I have to go Rose I can't stay around here, I'm needed" he said taking one last look at

you before jumping out the window.

My first story! Do you like it? Hate it? Tell me what you think! I'm really nervous here; everyone seems like a much better writer then me! Anyway, I'll try to have another chapter out soon if anyone likes it! Thanks for reading!!