You stared out the window for a while after Kain had left. "That was very odd" you mumbled and closed the window. You moved over to your black leather couch in a daze and turned on the TV. One of your favorite shows was on MTV but you couldn't keep your mind focused on it. A vampire? In your house? A real live vampire! You sighed and grabbed your coat from the closet. "I gotta go tell Maya and Kat" you mumbled to yourself and walked out the door.

Maya looked down at the watch on her wrist "8:45, ok I've got fifteen minutes to get to Kat's house" she said picking up her pace as she walked down the almost deserted night street. A few cars passed now and then and every once and a while a lady jogging or a man walking his dog would pass her but other then that nothing. She came to the end of the street and began to turn the corner when the sound of a car coming to a sudden stop came from behind her. There was a pretty nice looking dark blue BMW a few houses away from her with a black cat in front if it.

"Get out of the way you fing cat" the angry driver called and she couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

"Oh I'm sorry sir. That was my cat that got in your way" she lied to the driver and hurried to pick the cat up.

"well you have to be more freaking careful with your pets because next time this kind of thing…" the man started but she rolled her eyes and began to walk away from the lecturing man.

"yeah, yeah I know" Maya said with a smirk "see ya" she walked around the corner she was going to go past in the first place and looked down at the cat in her arms "you poor thing, I'll take care of you until we find your owner but you have to be more careful on the streets. Ok?" she said stroking the cat.

To her surprise the cat began to talk "You know I would love to stop and chat with you about safety hazards but I'm really hungry right now since my last meal got away" Kain said, turning back into his human form.

Maya looked at him, speechless "w-what the...?" she stammered out.

"Hi, I'm Kain. I'm a vampire. Now you know me, can we move along?" he asked stepping towards the girl. Maya stared at him, unable to make her body respond to anything she was telling it to do. "What? You're not even going to try to put up a fight?" Kain asked grabbing her. She still did nothing "That's fine, it makes it easier for me" he said brushing her black hair away from her neck.

You were walking down an alleyway that would eventually lead to Kat's house. "Maya should be there already" you said rounding one of the last corners. In the middle of the street was Maya with... "KAIN STOP!!!!" you yelled to him. The man let go of Maya and looked towards you.

He cursed under his breath "Rose, do you know her?" he asked pointing to Maya.

"Yeah, she's my..." Maya suddenly found herself and let out a shriek that seemed to echo for miles "friend" you finished running over to her "It's ok" you said, trying to calm her down.

Kain sighed and kept walking down the street "If you know her then I'll leave her alone" he said annoyed.

You watched him go for the second time today. The urge to run after him and demand for more answers or to just stay by his side compelled you to move a few steps forward but the low sobbing of Maya brought you back to your friend. "thanks" you called out to Kain, hoping that he could hear you, before turning back to Maya "look, I'm sorry about that" you tried to explain but she stopped you.

"That was a vampire! Do you know how much money we could make if we brought a vampire to one of the hunters?!" Maya asked. Around your town some people were well away of vampires and the threats they posed to society. In an effort to protect everyone the police had set up a special branch of them that they called 'vampire hunters'. To you it just felt like some twisted up horror movie but now that you had seen a vampire you were beginning to think that maybe the force wasn't such a bad idea.

"No Maya, that vampire could have killed you but he didn't. He saved you and you're going to turn him in without a second thought?"

Maya thought for a few seconds before saying "ahh...yeah!" and with that she was off down the street.

"Oh boy" you mumbled and ran after her.

You ran a few feet after Maya before stopping at the sound of a voice "Rose?" You turned around to see Kat standing a little behind you "what are you doing?" she asked with a confused look.

"I'll explain later, just come on" you said hurriedly and grabbed her arm before going back after Maya. Once Kat had paced herself at your speed, you let go of her arm and let her move by herself "you gonna tell me now?" she asked.

"yes...vampires...Maya's after is, friend I guess" you said in between breaths. It was hard to find a word for Kain. Friend seemed appropriate for the time being.

"wait...what the hell are you talking about? Vampires? Your friend? Maya is after them?" Kat asked not having trouble with talking through her running for some reason. Well then again she was on the track team.

You nodded "yep" She looked at you for a while as if trying to decide if you were just kidding her or not.

"ok then..." she mumbled finally decided that even you couldn't make up a story like this.

"there!" you called after a few minutes and pointed to a flash of dark blue in front of you "We found Maya." She was fast but with every passing second she was slowing down, running out of energy. When enough time passed, you figured that it would be easy to catch up with her. All you had to do was wait a little longer. Maya rounded a corner and you followed after only to bump into her once you turned which made Kat bump into you and you both fell on top of each other.

"Maya..." you mumbled, pushing Kat off of you." Why'd you stop?" You reached a hand out to Kat and pulled her up and then looked over to Maya. What you saw made you stop too and just watch. There was a group of about 50 to 70 vampires in the street in front of you. At least you assumed they were vampires what with their pale skin and large canines sticking out of their mouths to rest lightly on their bottom lips. You grabbed Kat and Maya and backed up behind the corner to peer over the edge

"What was that for?" Maya hissed at you.

"Well do you want to be seen by them?" you responded. Maya peered over the wall before quickly pulling herself back and shaking her head vigorously. Your eyes roamed over the vampires and the first thing you noted was that there were no women in the clan. Everyone was a man which made you a little annoyed. You pushed that out of your mind and kept watching. There was a man with long brown hair in the center of everyone else. It wasn't that he was in the center that got your attention but that everyone was wearing black or a very dark blue color except for him. He had on almost all red, if not all red. Even his eyes were a dark red color. Approaching the man was a familiar black haired boy, styled in that just-out-of-bed fashion that seemed to be rather popular in this day and age.

"Did you find anyone to feed off of?" the man asked in a voice not to soft but not deep like you thought it would be.

Kain looked down, trying to avoid his gaze "yes" he said, only half lying. Hey, he found someone right? He just didn't feed off of them.

"Good" the man said "I hate your fear of killing people, it's nice to see you feasting at least" Kain nodded.

"Blood..." one of the vampires called. So the leader's name was Blood?! You almost laughed at that, what a simple name and so ironic for a vampire! "Someone is here, I can smell human blood"

Your eyes widened and you looked back to Maya and Kat "run!" You harshly whispered to them and Maya took off. Kat watched her go and then turned to you "go" you said again a little louder and she ran as well with you following behind her.

"Kain, find whoever is here!" Blood shouted from somewhere behind you but you figured that you were as good as gone, they'd never catch you in time. You smirked to yourself, thinking about that. Suddenly an ice cold hand wrapped itself around you waist. You let out a gasp of surprise and turned to see who it was. You were looking straight into Kain's eyes. He had Kat in his other hand. He quickly slung her over his shoulder like she was just a rag doll.

"I'm sorry Rose" he said and picked you up to carry you in his arms, both of them free since Kat wasn't stupid enough to try to get down from all the way on his shoulder. "Truly I am."

Hiya!! Sorry this took soooooo long to get out. I stopped writing it for a little while because I was working on other stories and school work had piled up. Not to mention the few family problems we've been having. Well now it's almost summer and I think I'm going to try having one of these out every other week at least. I hope you all enjoy!!